Thursday, December 18, 2014

Frozen Jackfruit Seeds


Many have asked me how to store Bikkand/Jackfruit seeds in the fridge. Here is My own method of storing bikkand ..........

Jackfruit seeds are obtained from Ripe Jackfruit after removing the outer fleshy sweet part. These seeds can be sun dried and stored for some time. However due to increasing levels in pollution now a days the seeds get blackened and spoil very soon.

Many a dishes in our community use these jackfruit seeds as accompaniment for the curries. Though it is obtained during the season abundantly sometimes you do miss it when the season is over and you feel some dishes would have turned out better in flavour had the seeds been added too.

I love these seeds very much and like adding them to curries especially koddel a lot. So i just wondered why not keep it in the fridge and use it. So i brought them in bulk and stored them in fridge. The method somehow did not succeed as there would be watery moisture after few weeks.

And off course the seeds had to be removed out frequently and again sun-dried which turned out tiresome. Also lot of them were not edible too.

That was when I tried the method of deep freezing the seeds and yes it turned out too good a solution. The fridge life is however for 5-6 months. But then that is ok by then in another 2 months the season would start again.

Here is my Method for freezing the bikkand / jackfruit seeds .........

I wash about 100 bikkand / jackfruit seeds (during season) well, all the extra skins, fleshy portions sticking to the seeds should be removed. You can refer to the picture above. Soak it over overnight and drain well. Then allow to dry on a news paper in a cool dry place for a day or two. Keep mixing them so that all the sides are dry. I suggest you dry them inside the house in a dry place instead of hot sun. If dried outside the seeds dry up more and become wrinkled and soaking in any amount of water will not bring it back to full shape nor fresh. Store them in the freezer tightly covered in thick plastic. I am sure all of you are aware of the thick food grade plastics available in the Malls while buying pulses etc. That's the best. Thin polythene or plastic does not work.

Whenever needed remove only the amount you need and soak in water for 5-10 minutes and they are ready to be used. I have not had any problem in this method for the last 15 yrs. But some things are to be followed strictly ......

1. They have to be dried completely ie there should be no signs of water whatsoever.
2. The plastic has to be thick... the one's we get in Malls when buying veg. is the best.
3. It has to be kept in FREEZER..... not in the fridge.
4. Also I suggest you dry it in a dry place on newspaper and not sunlight. Sunlight wrinkles the seeds and the bulkiness of the fruit is lost and will not also last in freezer.


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