Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Sweet Corn Vegetable Soup With Prawns.

“Sweet Corn Vegetable Soup With Prawns” … Sweet Corn is a universally loved soup and I am sure all of you agree and have tasted it … monsoon is the season for soups to warm up the body… a bowl of warm soup at dinner and a warm blanket induces a sound sleep when its cold out there … So today it is sweet corn soup with plenty of veggies along with some prawns … Yummy Yumz …. 

** Come monsoon / winter and it is the season of hot soups in my home. I try and prepare different varieties of soups for dinner and relish them either with some tava fried bread slices or bun pav (Mumbai’s laadi pav). Hubby loves pav dunked in soups and I love toasts dunked in soup. So I always store some ready made rusks / toasts during monsoon / winter and relish the same. Hot soup warms up the body and induces a good sleep as it is uncomfortable when it is very cold out there. Lot’s of sweet corn kernels are available in the market and I always purchase them to try out new variations, these have to be used within a maximum of 2 days otherwise they turn sour and not quite pleasant to eat. I had to finish them so decided to prepare soup for dinner. As I added on the veggies to the soup, I remembered there were some prawns in the freezer, so included them too. A delicious~awesome soup that is filling on tummy and is a great one to have in monsoon or winter. Try it, it’s healthier option to the tinned one’s, if vegetarian just leave out the prawns. 

** Here is my Recipe for “Sweet Corn Vegetable Soup With Prawns” … My Style … I have used fresh sweet corn kernels, you can use tinned one’s too if they are not available in which case be careful the the addition of cornflour as the tinned ones are already thick in consistency. 

** Ingredients : 
Sweet Corn Kernels : 2 cups 
Carrots / Gajjar : 1 large sized. 
French Beans : 12-15 
Fresh Prawns : 8-10 medium sized. 
White Pepper Powder : 2-3 tsp 
Cornflour : 2 tblsp 
Salt to taste 

** For Serving : 
Soya Sauce 
Vinegar with green chillies. 

** Remove the outer shell and de-vein the prawns, wash in plenty of water, apply a pinch of salt mix well and keep them aside. 

** Peel off the skin of carrots and cut them into small sized cubes. String the beans and also cut them into small pieces the same size as that of carrots. Wash them well and drain off all excess water. 

** Note : You can add in any other vegetables of your choice or that which is available to your, like cauliflower, peas, capsicums etc. 

** Clean and wash the sweet corn kernels and drain off excess water. Put them in a vessel with one cup of water and bring to boil, cook for 3 minutes, now remove half of the cooked corn kernels and keep the rest aside. 

** Let the removed cooked corn cool a bit, then put it in a mixer and grind to a very smooth paste with little bit of water. The paste should be as smooth as possible. Remove and add it back into the vessel with other corn kernels. Add in the cut carrots and beans and mix well. Add enough water to bring to a thick consistency. 

** Bring all the ingredients in the vessel to a boil, stirring often to avoid it getting stuck to the bottom. If you find it getting stuck add some more water, once it comes to boiling point, lower the heat and cook till all the ingredients are 90% done. Now add in the prawns and cook for just 2-3 minutes. 

** Meanwhile in a small bowl add in the cornflour and add little bit of normal room temperature water to it and mix well. There should be no lumps and the mixture should be evenly smooth. Add this to the soup and cook on medium heat, till the soup gets thickened well. 

** Note : Never add hot water to cornflour for mixing nor too cold water. Always add normal room temperature water while mixing the cornflour. Again remember to check the consistency of soup before adding on the cornflour mixture and if you find it too thick you can add in a little bit of water. 

** Lastly add salt to taste and the white pepper powder, mix well and remove from fire. The sweet corn soup is done. If you are a vegetarian you may leave out the prawns. Again if you do not want to serve the soya sauce or vinegar individually you can add them to the soup, mix well and serve too. Sometimes in homes it is better to serve all mixed and ready. 

** Note : White Pepper Powder is added to retain the color of the soup or else it will turn slightly blackish in color, however, you can use the same or serve it at the end while serving too. 

** “Sweet Corn Vegetable Soup With Prawns” is done and ready to be served. You can serve them adding on the vinegar and soya sauce or separately so that it can be added on individually as per preference. You can serve them with some starters like spring rolls or small patti samosas, though I just relish them as it is for dinner. 

** Always remember to serve soups steaming hot and relish them with your family and friends. I am sure they will love them specially during monsoon or winter. Again you may find a difference in texture than from that available in restaurants, that is so coz. they use canned sweet corn precooked one’s that are actually thickened cornflour with some corns on. This is a much healthier option of serving sweet corn to your children who are nowadays so used to package food. 

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