Saturday, July 4, 2015

Tingalavare Saarupkari / White Beans Patla Bhaji.

Tingalavare Saarupkari / White Beans Patla Bhaji ...........

Tingalavro as called in konkani (GSB Sarswat) is white beans available in southern parts of India. It is also sometime known as poona val. 

It is available in South Indian Stores in the Northern parts of India. These are available in white / black / red colour. Baked beans available in tins are actually these very white beans that are cooked in some paste and topped on bread.

Many dishes are prepared with these beans both with wet masala and dry masala. Saarupkari means a bean that is soaked overnight or for about 8 hrs. till it swell up. 

Then it is pressure cooked and spiced up by seasoning. This simple thin / patla bhaji is a favourite among Amchi / konkani community. 

I have already posted tingalavre saarupkari, so I will not repeat the preparation here. I have added the link to the recipe posted earlier at the bottom for reference. Please do try out the recipe, goes very well with rice or you can sip it up like soup too. 

Please do visit the link given below for the recipe.

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