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Bajra Roti (Pearl Millet Chapati).

“Bajra Roti (Pearl Millet Chapati)” topped with ghee and served with Magge/ Southekayi Palya (South Indian Cucumber Dry Curry) … this is one of my favorite combos prepared often during winter or monsoon season … bajra roti tastes great with some spicy side dish and yes applying a liberal dash of fresh homemade butter or ghee on top of the roti is a must to enhance taste and digestion … Yummilicious ….

** There is so much mentioned about bajra roti which is gluten free in the net that I will avoid writing it as I will only be repeating the same which by now almost all foodies are aware off. These roti are actually very easy to prepare, however it does need some practice if you want to learn the patting rolling method using palms or hand which frankly I find difficult as mine turns out too thick so I prefer the rolling with pin method and they really take good shape.

** This roti tastes best served with dry masala or gravy spiced bhaji and almost any lentil or Indian vegetable curry turns out to be a good accompaniment to it. Slightly on the heavier side than the normal roti so do not try preparing them in bulk also these are best consumed during winter/ monsoon when the climate is cold and they somehow produce body heat unlike jowar bhakri. Remember to serve them prepared hot or they turn hard and brittle at times.

** I always knead the bajra roti adding on wheat flour in different proportions and use hot water for kneading purpose as the dough become pliable and easy to roll giving soft textured rotis. You can also use warm water if desired but once you use hot water you will learn the difference in the final outcome. I have shared many variations of the same and this one is just with a difference in proportion wise while rest of the method remains same.

** Here I have used 2 cups of bajra atta to which I have added about 2 tblsp of wheat flour and used wheat flour for dusting, turns out really good. You can prepare using only bajra flour too once you learn to make them perfectly as that’s slightly trickier and needs some practice and taste wise too somehow I have always found that a little bit of wheat flour addition turns it tastier softer and easily manageable both while rolling and frying.

** Here is my recipe for “Bajra Roti (Pearl Millet Chapati)” ….

** Ingredients :
Bajra atta/ Pearl Millet Flour : 2 cups or as required
Ghenvu ka atta/ Wheat Flour : 2 tblsp
Salt/ Namak/ Meeta : to taste
Oil/ Tel/ Tela : ½ tsp
Hot water : as required for kneading.
Ghenvu ka atta/ Wheat Flour : for dusting.

** In a wide stainless steel bowl/ plate add in the bajra flour, wheat flour, salt and mix well with a spoon. Make a dent in the center and pour about ½ cup of hot water in the center, add oil into it and then with the help of wooden spatula give a good mix to all the ingredients.

** Keep adding hot water little by little and start kneading the flour to a dough, be careful as the water is hot. You can use the wooden spatula initially and then start kneading with hands when it is slightly cooler. Knead the dough soft for at least 10-12 minutes.

** The gluten content is nil in bajra and very little as a little bit of wheat flour is added you will get a smooth kneaded dough easily. There is absolutely no need to allow the dough to rest or if you need some time then cover with a tight lid but for not more than 30 minutes.

** Remove a small lemon sized ball out of the dough and knead it again on a flat plate and then roll it to a ball, flatten a bit, dust with wheat flour and gently roll to a large sized roti with the help of a rolling pin or pat it on the plate with the help of hand whichever is convenient.

** Note : as you roll if too much of cracks develop that means the dough needs to to kneading a little bit more, so do the needful and then proceed.

** Rolling of bajra roti should be done with ease and does need a lot of dusting otherwise it gets torn as we roll so do not apply too much pressure and be easy while rolling to roll them out as thin as possible, remember these are not rolled very big nor too thin.

** Gently remove it by flipping it on on palm of one hand and then flip it from one to another hand to remove excess dusted floor and then place it gently over hot tava. When the bottom side is cooked on medium heat flip it over and cook on the top side too.

** You will get nicely fried aromatic bajra roti with slightly brown specked all over which is really crisp and tasty. Place it on a plate and apply a layer of fresh homemade butter all over or ghee whichever you prefer and repeat with the rest of the dough in same pattern.

** Note : Remember to remove lemon sized balls each time and knead it well before you start rolling it with a rolling pin to get a smooth and evenly rolled roti.

** “Bajra Roti (Pearl Millet Chapati)” is done and ready to be served hot with any side dish as accompaniment of your choice. I served it with Magge/ Southekayi Palya (South Indian Cucumber Dry Curry) for lunch and it was a fantastic combo.

** Bajra Roti always tastes best served with Veg or Non-Veg spicy curry dishes or semi dry masala based dishes. Do give it a try, there are plenty of videos there on net for reference to rolling method if need be to learn of the same if new to this type of roti.

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**There are many more “Roti” recipes in the Blog, to which I am sharing a common link below, you may browse through the same and try out in leisure …..

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