Thursday, June 11, 2015

Sanna Polo with Cabbage and Onion.

Sanna Polo with Cabbage and Onion made out of Masala prepared for making of Patrade ......

Take 3 cups of the masala prepared for making patrado in a bowl. I had used whole moong and rice along with the masala which consists of coconut, tamarind, hing and chilly for making of the Patrade.

Chop finely 2 cups each of cabbage and onions and to the masala in the bowl. Add heaped 2 tblsp of besan (Bengal gram flour / chane peeta) to the bowl with salt to taste. Mix well. Add water if necessary only. Make the batter into bhakri consistency. You should be able to form it to loose ball consistency when you pick up the batter in hand.

Heat a tava, when smoking hot, lower the heat and pat in a large ball of the prepared sanna polo mixture on the tava. Be careful as the tava is hot. Dip you hands in water, and keep patting gently till you get a thick round small roti sized polo. 

Pour a bit of oil on all sides of the dosa and some on top of it. Now keep the heat on medium and cook till done on the bottom side. 

Flip over the sanna polo and let cook on the other side too. Prepare dosa in similar way with remaining batter. Serve these dosas with Dal Chawal. You can pour over it a tsp of coconut oil or as it is, it tastes equally good anyway. 

** Note : You can check up the recipe of Patrade for you to get the exact method of the preparation of masala for Patrade. You can follow that recipe in smaller quantity to prepare for sanna polo or make a bit of more masala while preparing patrade and use it for sanna pole.

** Note : For the Recipe of Patrade please follow the link given below ………….

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