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Making of Khotto / jackfruit leaves baskets / using paper cups / steel tumbler.

Making of Khotto / jackfruit leaves baskets / using paper cups / steel tumbler...........
Khotte / Idly steamed in jackfruit leaves using paper cups / steel tumbler...................

Friends its always a pleasure to share a few helpful tips with all of you. Recently many a times when I posted Khotto many of my friends were either not familiar with the weaving method of Jackfruit leaves or were finding it very tedious to do. Some were finding it difficult procedure while some were hard pressed for time. This is a problem all of us face as working women and the ones with large family or young children. But one thing that everybody missed was the aroma of jackfruit leaves if cooked without them.

Now for those who are not aware what khotoo means, this is actually Idly steamed in prepared jackfruit leaves baskets in southern parts of India especially in Konkani / Saraswat community. It is really amazing that our ancestors were so thoughtful and clever to think of using this disposable method. This not only ensures higienic level, but the leaves can be dispossed off easily. It even saves one the tiresome work of cleaning the moulds of Idly maker and thus saves time and water too. These are easy to carry when travelling as they remain good for day. 

Even sized 4 jackfruit leaves are kept as cross and then weaved together with coconut tree leaf dried sticks (Broom sticks) to make into moulds / cup like conical baskets. The basket weaving itself is an art as there should not be any gaps / holes from where the batter has access to leak. Do watch some video of the same to get a proper knowledge of the method. Once its is mastered then it is very easy to make. However, people living in Metro Cities find it very difficult to get these leaves. In case you have no access to them then just follow the Idly method by steaming them in stainless steal moulds. 

But somehow we South Indians / Konkani / Sarawat Community people always yearn for these khottes / Idly made in Jackfruit leaves. The aroma that spreads in the house when you steam them is so pleasant not to mention the Idly with also gets steamed with the aroma intact to it. I have been following the paper cup method for a good 8-10 years now without any hitch what so ever. 

I started missing the jackfruit leaves flavor so thought of adding the jackfruit leaves to paper cups or steel tumblers to get the aroma and satisfy my desire of having them without having to spend much time on weaving of the leaves. Though i do weave the leaves if i find ample time (which is very rare), this method gives me faster results without compromising on taste.

I have added both pictures of weaved jackfruit leaves for all to know exactly the method used. I have also posted the one with paper cup and steel tumbler. Use which ever method suits you best, but do enjoy these Khotte's / Idly that can be prepared easily with the awesome Jackfruit aroma.

Paper Cup Method : I would like to share here that I have successfully used paper cups too for steaming of Idly. But one has got to be very carefull with these. This time i went a step ahead and added in some jackfruit leaves onto the sides of the paper cups to make them as moulds for Idly batter. This the first time I have used jackfruit leaves and paper cups together and surprisingly the result was simply great. It saved a lot of time of weaving of the baskets and I finished the process in a jiffy. The taste was the same too with no changes whatsoever. I have enclosed some pictures for everybody’s benefit here. If you find it difficult to make the jacfruit leaves basket but would like to taste the Idly steamed in them follow this method. You can use steel tumblers too instead of paper cups in case you are hesitant of using paper cups.

The options are many. Just use your imagination and you have a lovely steaming Idly with the aroma of jackfruit leaves. Do make an attempt and try this method of making Idly at least once, you will really like the lovely smell and taste. You can serve these Idly with any accompaniment you like, but usually it is served with home made butter and hing chutney. Sambar is usually not served with this as the Idly is spicy with added ginger and green chillies. You can serve it with plain Dal (Dalitoy) too. Here I have made them with coriander ginger chutney for a change.

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** Important Note: 
I have given the link of the procedure for some of the recipe of khottes below and will keep adding on to the list as and when new items are prepared .......

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