Friday, July 3, 2015

Parwal / Padwal / Gointa Fries.

Parwal / Padwal / Gointa Fries ...........

Wash and wipe clean about 10-12 parwal. Cut off the edges and cut vertically into three slices. 

Put the cut parwals in a bowl. Add 1 tblsp of red chilly powder, salt to taste, pinch of hing powder. Sprinkle some water and rub the mixture well, till the powders get applied to the slices. Sprinkle some more water if necessary.

Put 4-5 tblsp of rice powder flatly on a plate. Roll the pieces on the rice powder and keep it ready. 

Heat a deep frying pan with lot of oil for deep frying. When smoking hot, lower the heat, wait for 5 minutes. Add in the parwal pieces one by one into the oil and fry till crisp. 

Do not add all the pieces at a single time. Add in batches and fry in similar pattern. Keep the oil heat constant by lowering and increasing the temperature from time to time.

Remove the fried parwals in an absorbent paper for the excess oil to get drained. Serve as side dish with Dal-Chawal-Bhaji.

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