Thursday, May 7, 2015

Black Chana with Raw Banana Upkari / Bhaji

Black Chana with Raw Banana Upkari / Bhaji .........

Soak 1 Cup of Black Chana overnight in plenty of water. Next morning wash and rinse well. Pressure cook the chana in a pressure cooker with 3-4 cups of water to 5-6 whistles. When the pressure drops remove and keep aside.

Method : Heat 2 tblsp oil in a thick bottomed kadai, when hot add 1 tsp rai (sasam) when they splutter add 3-4 red chilly cut to pieces, 8-10 freshy curry leaves, 1 tsp of hing powder and fry for a minute. 

Add in the chopped raw banana and mix well, add about ¼ cup of the chana cooked water and let it cook till 75% done. 

Add in the pressure cooked Black chana and another ½ cup of cooked chana water. Do not add more add only as much as is required, the rest can be used for making Chana Saar.

Add salt to taste and ½ cup of gud / jaggery pieces. Mix well, cover and cook on medium heat till the gud / jaggery dissolves and the dish / upkari becomes a bit dry. Add ½ cup of freshly grated coconut and mix well.

The chane upkari is ready. This can be served with roti / pova-chetni or as it is. 

** Note :
The same dish is prepared with White Chana too.
** For the recipe of White Chana Upkari please refer the link below……

The thick liquid obtained from chana cooking can be used in making Chane Saar
** For the recipe of Chane Saaru please refer the link below……

** For the recipe of pova chetni please refer the link below……

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