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Kulith-Kadgi ghalnu Koddel/ Horse Gram~ Raw Jackfruit Garlic seasoned Masala Curry.

"Kulith-Kadgi ghalnu Koddel/ Horse Gram~ Raw Jackfruit Garlic seasoned Masala Curry" ... in my home any koddel dish is our favorite and when it's with addition of either kadgi or kooka, we just can’t help but relish a little bit more when served with red boiled rice ... and if there is a roasted papad served along it's just heavenly … Yummilicious …

** I have written so much about our favorite traditional GSB Konkani Saraswat Style dish “Koddel” which is garlic seasoned. The aroma and taste of this curry is just irresistible when relished with red boiled rice. I have been replacing my old clicks with new ones as those days I neither wrote properly not clicked them well, not that I am perfect now, in fact far from it. But I want a uniform pattern in block for easy understanding of recipes, so trying my best at it.

** Today when I was through preparing with this Koddel, I just thought of checking out old picture on blog to see if it really needed replacement, and to my dismay, it was never blogged. As I write, I am still not able to understand how this could happen in 6 yrs long time span. I mean, I always prepare this dish more than once when kadgi/ raw jackfruit is in season, which means either I had not clicked assuming I had blogged or it was lost somewhere in draft.

** I guess, there are many more combos of recipes I have missed sharing, well I will do so when done, as of now, I am not going to repeat myself on Koddel as it will become repetitive. I have already posted similar recipe wherein I combined different types of pulses with various veggies as where in season. The recipe remains same and I sharing a common link to the others at the bottom of this recipe, please do go through them if for more combinations.

** Here is my recipe for "Kulith-Kadgi ghalnu Koddel/ Horse Gram~ Raw Jackfruit Garlic seasoned Masala Curry" ... my style which I learnt from Amma …

** Ingredients :
Kulith/ Horse Gram : 1 cup
Kadgi/ Raw Jackfruit/ Kaccha Phanas: 300 gms.
Salt/ Namak/ Meeta : to taste

** For Masala to be Ground :
Coconut/ Soyi/ Nariyal : one cup heaped freshly grated.
Kashmiri Red Chilly/ Kumte Mirsanga/ Byadgi Mirchi : 6-8
Tamarind/ Chinchama/ Imly : small marble sized ball

** For Tempering/ Seasoning/ Pannaka :
Oil/ Tel/ Tela : 1-2 tblsp
Garlic/ Losun/ Lehsun: 10-12 cloves medium sized.

** Pick, clean, wash well and soak in plenty of water "Kulith/ Horse Gram" either overnight or at least for minimum for 4-6 hours. Once again, rinse well, put it in pressure cooker and cook to 4-5 whistles on medium to low heat.

** Note : Soaking is good for all pulses but in case you want to straight away try it out too you can do so, just follow the above method of cooking however cook to 2 whistles then lower the heat to minimum and let cook for 5 minutes, in between if there are whistles don't worry, then once again raise the heat and cook for another 2 whistles and it gets done too.

** Note : I must mention here that soaking is good as the pulses double up in size release certain nutrients from within, soften up a bit, takes lesser time to cook and above all are more easily digestible. You can also sprout them if desired and cook as mentioned above it, that is more nutritious and I do so many a times.

** Let the pressure fall on its own, when able to open the lid do so and pour the cooked kulith water into another vessel by slowly tilting the cooker carefully so that the kulith remains back in the pan. This drained and removed cooked water is what we call “Kulitha Saaru/ Horse Gram Saar” and can be seasoned and prepared into a delicacy that can be served either with rice or as it is as soup/ appetizer, so never discard this cooked water. The recipe will be found in the common link shared at the bottom for all kulith recipes, do try it out, its awesome.

** Now to cut the raw jackfruit : Remove the outside spiny skin with the help of a sharp knife of the raw jackfruit. You should oil the knife a bit to avoid the stickiness being stuck to the knife. The center white pith has to be removed also. Cut into triangular shaped pieces. You will need about 12-15 pieces. Wash in plenty of water. In Mumbai the vegetable seller gives us all sliced and cut into huge chunks, all we need to do is cut them into required sized pieces at home. So if you are unable to understand I suggest you watch any relative or friend when they cut them for visual learning.

** Add raw jackfruit pieces on top of cooked kulith in cooker in an even layer, add some water if you have drained cooked kulith water for saar and pressure cook to one whistle. Remove and let cool for about 5 minutes, then release the pressure from cooker with the help of tongs lifting the weight gently. Open the lid and allow to cool a bit, then remove and add the cooked kulith and raw jackfruit into a vessel.

** Note : Horse Gram never gets overcooked in pressure cooker, so I follow this method, however you can remove cooked kulith, keep it aside, add raw jackfruit into cooker and cook to one whistle separately. You should not overcook raw jackfruit, so you should release the steam by lifting the weight of pressure cooker otherwise jackfruit may get overdone. If not sure you can cook the same directly in a vessel with water too.

** Masala to be ground : Grind to a fine paste coconut with red chillies and tamarind with as little water as possible. You can use the kulith cooked water for grinding the masala which is what I follow for most of my recipes. 

** Note : You can add in any one of the veggies that imparts tartness/ tangy flavor to the curry like bimbul (tree sorrel fruit), ambado (hogplum) or karmbala (star fruit) if they are available. In which case plese do not add tamarind while grinding the masala. In Mumbai bimbul is not available while the other two are seasonal and I do add them if I get them. If you have access like those in and around Mangalore, do add them on, it gives a lovely flavor to curry.

** Remove and add the ground masala to cooked kulith and kadgi in vessel. Mix the masala well, adding more water if necessary to bring to a thick gravy consistency. Add salt to taste and bring to a boil on medium heat stirring often to avoid getting burnt at bottom and even cooking. When cooked, lower the heat and simmer for 5-10 minutes.

** For Tempering/ Seasoning/ Pannaka : Heat oil in a small kadai/ pan, when hot lower the heat to medium and add peeled or with peel slightly mashed/ crushed garlic cloves and fry until they turn slightly browned. Remove, pour over simmering curry, mix well, cover with a tight lid and keep it aside for 25-30 minutes. This enables garlic flavor to get infused properly in curry thereby imparting a lovely aroma.

** Note : You can peel the outer skin of garlic or leave it on for tempering. You have to crush the garlic slightly with a heavy weight if you keep the skin before adding it to oil. Traditionally garlic was never peeled as the skin imparts more flavor to curry. Now, some have started peeled and tempering them, you can follow any method you wish to and choice is entirely yours. I sometimes do, sometimes don’t. But recently I have stopped the peeling method as you can see in the main picture.

** "Kulith-Kadgi ghalnu Koddel/ Horse Gram~ Raw Jackfruit Garlic seasoned Masala Curry" is done and ready to be served. Serve it hot with red boiled rice (ukde sheetHa) or any rice of your choice. If you do not prefer to eat rice, you can serve the curry with roti, chapathi, paratha, idly or dosa, appos or even mildly spiced rice dishes. Enjoy this delicious koddel/ curry with your family and friends and do give me a feedback if possible, it helps me in improving myself and doing that much more.

** Given below are a few common links to “Koddel, Raw Jackfruit (Kadgi) and Horse Gram (Kulith)” recipes, that have been added on in blog. I have also included the “Kulitha Saar” recipe link for easy access. You can browse through for more recipes for a proper knowledge  GSB Konkani Sarawat dishes, they are all tasty .....

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