Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Jackfruit Seeds Curry Seasoned with Garlic.


Bikkanda ghalnu Loshne Kadhi / Jackfruit Seeds Curry Seasoned with lots of Garlic .......... Goes well with hot rice ............ preferably Red Boiled Rice (Ukada)...... Yumz ......

As already posted earlier, I have lots of bikkand / jackfruit seeds stored in the freezer. So my desire to prepare different types of dished with the addition of bikkand / jackfruit seeds is on. My search for dishes with addition of these did not yield much. So I had to start thinking of something on my own. After referring to books, I came across a tambuli prepared with these seeds, which I will be posting soon. But today somehow I wanted to prepare something with addition of garlic, so I went ahead and prepared a Loshne kadhi with the addition of these seeds and yes they turned out great with a very smooth texture. 

Here the seeds are skinned and pressure cooked till very soft and then ground with coconut and other spices to a smooth masala. This dish goes very well with Ukada rice / Red Boiled rice famous in the southern parts of India. I will soon add the preparation of prepared boiled rice in cooker. As of now you can relish this dish with any hot rice. Go ahead, if you have access to jackfruit seeds do prepare this dish and enjoy it during monsoon while the rains are pouring down heavily. Nothing tastes better than Hot kadhi with hot rice. 

Remove the outer dried white skin of about 10-15 bikkands / jackfruit seeds. You can use frozen one’s too. Wash them, mash it a little bit or cut to large pieces and put it with a cup of water in pressure cooker. Pressure cook to 2-3 whistles. The cooked bikkands / jackfruit pieces should be really soft as we have to grind them. Remove and keep aside to cool.

Grind to a smooth paste 1 heaped cup of freshly grated coconut with 7-8 red kashmiri chillies, a small marble sized tamarind, 2-3 skinned garlic chopped fine, 2 tsp of jeera and the cooked and cooled bikkand / jackfruit seeds. 

The paste should be ground to a very fine paste. Remove and put it in a stainless steel cooking vessel. Add in water and bring to a gravy consistency. The texture should be semi thick and of pouring consistency.

Add salt to taste and bring to a boil. Keep stirring in between. Do not over boil this curry. When the curry get cooked and starts rising on the top level, just remove and keep it down away from heat.

For Tempering : Heat 1 tsp of oil in a small pan, add in 10-12 freshly peeled garlic and fry till brown. Once evenly browned remove and pour over the curry. Cover and keep aside for some time for the flavours to seep in.

The bikkand / jackfruit seeds Loshne Kadhi is done. Serve this hot with hot rice. Goes very well with ukda rice / red boiled rice or any ordinary rice. But see to it that you serve this one hot. It tastes great during monsoon season, when its pouring heavily and there is chill in the area, then the taste of this dish is really awesome and heavenly. 

** For the Method of Freezing and Storing Bikkand / Jackfruit Seeds, Please refer to the link given below .... 

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