Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Raw Mango Paani Poori-1

Khatta Meetha Teekha ..…. "Raw Mango Paani Poori" ….... It’s the crazy season of both raw and ripe mangoes …. I love this fruit which is very versatile for people who like tanginess in their food. Wanted to prepare Paani Poori using raw mangoes as the ingredient to bring in the khattapan ie tanginess instead of the usual tamarind used. Though I have used a little bit of tamarind, by and large I used raw mango as the base for the same.

Here comes the method of preparation my way ……
You will need about 6-8 cups of sprouted moong. For the method of sprouting moong, I have added a link at the bottom of the recipe. Please do follow the same. Steam the sprouted moong for 5-10 minutes or you can boil them in a kadai with little bit of water till half done and keep them aside to completely cool.

You can also use plain salted besan boondi available in the stores, they too taste yummy. Just put them inside the poori and then fill up the chutney waters and have it in one go. I have included them here just for the sake of visualizing the type of ingredients that go with it.

Usually 2 types of pastes are prepared for making of paani poori. One is Khatta meeta theeka / sweet spicy tangy chutney made out of tamarind, dates and spices and the other is dhania pudina chutney. The first mentioned chutney is kept thicker while the other one is prepared into a thin water texture. The pooris are pierced and a hole is made in the center to which first a little bit of sprouted moong is added, then the sweet spicy tangy chutney is added followed by the thin dhania pudina water. The same has to be placed in the mouth in one go and had. Initially you may choke up, if you are not aware of the procedure of eating it, just check it up on You tube to get a jest of the same. It is a common street side dish in Mumbai and elsewhere in Metro cities of India. People enjoy this very much and is much loved eating in streets than at home. However for the sake of hygiene one has to be careful now a days with the types of water being used etc. So prepare your own paani poori and have it at home. The poories are available in stores in Mumbai. But some people do prepare it at home which is a very tedious job as they have to be prepared really small to gulp it in one go and also the quantity required is in bulk depending upon the no of guests. I have always brought it from stores and never ventured into the task of make it at home as it is neither feasible for me nor economical. May be some time in future I will, who knows …. Never say never… right … yes.

As I mentioned above 2 types of chutney one sweet and the other spicy are prepared for paani poori. However, I prepare a single chutney by adding both sweet and the spicy contents together as my family does not like fussing round the same. I know their taste and I prepare it accordingly. Here I would like to mention that, to the best of my knowledge the chutney’s are prepared separately to cater to the demands of different taste buds. Each one likes it in his own way. While some like it spicy, some prefer sweet and some like it medium. So keeping the chutney’s separate helps in adjusting the taste as and how the person prefers to relish it.

Here is how I prepare the single chutney : Grind to a very smooth the following ingredients …. Wash, clean and wipe one medium sized raw mango and cut them to pieces discarding off the center seed. Add to it 3-4 heaped cups of finely chopped coriander leaves (only leaves do not add the stems), 1 cup of finely chopped pudina  / mint leaves (again only leaves), 1 cup of Khajoor / Seedless dates, 200 gms of grated jaggery, 8-10 finely chopped green chillies (less spicier one, also adjust the taste according to individual liking), small marble sized tamarind lump and 1 heaped tablespoon of paani poori masala powder (I use Everest Paani Poori Masala powder available at grocery stores all round India).

Remove the paste in a large vessel and add to this salt to taste (Preferably kaala namak) and about a liter of water and mix well. If you find the mixture a bit too thick you can add in more water. But do not make it too thin, also check in the seasonings before addition of excess water as we do not want the paani poori mixture to go bland. 

Serve Paani Poori with either steamed / boiled whole moong sprouts or besan boondi. The mixture into the poori is your choice. You can also soak for 8 hours and pressure cook white vatana or chick peas and serve them too. You can also add small boiled potato pieces to the same. I will be adding many varieties of paani poori very soon. So please do keep a check on the blog. You can always message me for queries. 

Note: I have added a small tamarind taste to improve the tanginess of the prepared paani poori water as I have added raw mango to it. Otherwise you will need more of tamarind.

** For the Method of Sprouting Moong Recipe, Please follow the link given below …. 

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