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Khotto (Idli batter steamed in jack fruit leaves) with Veg. Sambar and Raw Mango Garlic Chutney.

Khotto (Idli batter steamed in jack fruit leaves) with Veg. Sambar and Raw Mango Garlic Chutney .......

Khotto : Khotto is basically Idly steamed in jackfruit leaves in southern parts of India especially in Konkani / Saraswat community. It is really amazing that our ancestors were so thoughtful and clever to think of using this disposable method. This not only ensures hygienic level, but the leaves can be dispossed off easily too and thus becomes nature friendly. It even saves one the tiresome work of cleaning the moulds of Idly maker and thus saves time and water too. These are easy to carry when travelling as they remain good for day or two. 

Even sized jackfruit leaves are weaved together with coconut tree leaf dried sticks (used in making Broom sticks) to make these into moulds / cup like conical baskets. The basket weaving itself is an art as there should not be any gaps / holes inside the baskets from where the batter has access to leak. I have included some pictures of the method of preparing the baskets. 

You can try out the same if possible. However it would be adviceable to watch some video for the same to get a proper knowledge of the method or take guidance from a friend who knows. Once its is mastered then it is very easy to make. However, people living in Metro Cities find it very difficult to get these leaves. In case you have no access to them then just follow the Idly method by steaming them in stainless steal moulds. 

The options are many. Just use your imagination and you have a lovely steaming Idly with the aroma of jackfruit leaves. Do make an attempt and try this method of making Idly at least once, you will really like the lovely smell and taste which differs from the normal Idly we prepare. You can serve these Idly with any accompaniment you like, but usually it is served with Spicy Sambar and any type of Chutney. You can serve it with plain Dal (Dalitoy) too. Here I have served them with Vegetable Sambar and Raw Mango Garlic Chutney.

There are numerous Items prepared in these jackfruit leaves basket, to name a few, Sanna khotto with Rice – tuvar dal, cabbage, onion etc. a spicy type of Idly served at lunch, then there is sweet pumpkin or Ripe Jackfruit Khottos, there is spicy Kulith (Horse gram) Khotto, cucumber khotto and many many more. I will include them as and when I prepare. 

Method : Soak 1 cup of Urad dal for 4-5hrs. Grind to a fine paste (I use wet grinder) with about 1 cup of water. Add more if necessary only. 

Meanwhile soak 3 cups of Idly Rawa for 30-45 minutes in plenty of water. The rawa will have settled down. Strain the water on top and leave it aside for another 15 minutes for the rice to soak in the water and swell. 

Mix the soaked Idly rawa with the ground urad dal batter and mix well. Add salt to taste and leave overnight or for 8-10 hours to ferment. The fermentation process depends from place to place. Where the weather is hot it may take lesser time and vice versa. Keep the batter a bit thicker than that of Idly batter coz. the leaves being porous should hold in the batter safely and not spill over.

Put the Idly steamer with the required amount of water on heat and bring to a boil, lower the heat. Gently pour the batter into the jackfruit baskets, with a small round bottomed spatulla (Davlo). Since the weaved khottos are conical in shape you may find them a bit tough in the beginning. You have to gently open it up by pushing back the top three edges. 

However you can cut off the edges for easier pouring in off the batter. If using steel mould covered with leaves then the proceedure is very easy. I have enclosed pictures which you can go through and understand the proceedure. 

** Note:
** The proportions mentioned above of Urad Dal and Idly Rawa are when using the wet grinder method. If using mixer then you have got to adjust the proportions as the result of grinding urad dal in wet grinder and mixer are not the same. Wet grinder yields in softer and bulkier quantity of urad dal when ground were as the mixer does not do the same. 

** While using Mixer for grinding If you are using mixer for grinding purpose then the proportion of the dals and rice are ….. I have used is 1 cup of urad dal with 2 cups of Idly Rawa. Rest method remains same.

** If you do not want to add Idly Rava or its not available to you, Just soak ordinary rice for 2 hours and grind it to coarse rava texture. The proportion remains the same.

** Note :
For the Recipe of  Raw Mango Garlic Chutney and Sambar / Kolmbo refer #Chutney, #Kolmbo.

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