Saturday, May 2, 2015

Idly with Coconut + Ginger Chutney.

Idly with Coconut + Ginger Chutney .............

Breakfast is an important meal for all the people over the world. South Indians often start the day with some good and heavy home-cooked breakfast. 

The variety of breakfasts are huge, but the most regular, famous and loved breakfast is Idly or Dosas. 

Idly is the staple diet of most home-cooked breakfasts in the southern parts of India. My mother used to allways prepare Idly for Sunday breakfast. Idly is always served with Chutney or Sambar or sometimes both. There several types of Idly that we make, including some spicy one's for lunch. I have already posted the recipe for Urad and Rice Idly before, so i will not repeat the same. 

** Note: For the recipe of Urad and Rice Idly please visit the link given below ..... 

** Note: For the recipe of Cocoonut ginger chutney please visit the link given below ..... 

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