Friday, August 4, 2017

Mixed Fresh Fruits in Kesar Yogurt.

“Mixed Fresh Fruits in Kesar Yogurt” … A simple and yummy dessert similar to shrikand in flavour that is sure to be relished by young and old alike … A healthy variation too as the dish is full of proteins with the added benefits of fruits … Enjoy and stay Healthy … Yumz .....

Curd / Yogurt / Dahi is counted as the world's healthiest food because of its amazing health benefits. Curds are dairy product obtained by coagulating milk in a process called curdling. The fermentation of milk leads to the formation of curd. Curds are famous all round the world and in India there is no household that does not make them at home. Curds can be enjoyed / relished in many ways the main one’s being curd rice, lassi, buttermilk, dahi vada, raita’s, shrikand etc. Curds are highly beneficial in case of indigestion or when the stomach is upset. Curds are said to help in proper digestion, thus making it an important dietary inclusion. Curd also makes both bones and teeth stronger as well as is used as beauty products. There are so many benefits of this simple snow white curds that is why our ancestors saw to it that it was always included in the meal in one form or the other. Children are fussy with food, but give them something sweetened or delicious looking food and they are game. Here is one such food that I came across when my friend Sarita shared it with us. This dish though is similar in the lines of Shrikand another famous Indian dessert. The texture varies a bit and the best part is it contains fresh fruits that are very good for health. In all a bowl of this for dinner and you are done. Go ahead and prepare this simple and delicious dish and enjoy with family and friends.

** The recipe credit goes to my friend Sarita Bhat, Thanks dear we all loved this dish very much.

** All you need is hung curds, saffron milk, sugar and your favorite fruits. If you wish you can toss in some dry fruits too. I have not as I had already added in loads of fruits. 

** For Hung Curd : It's simple, just take about 2 cups of thick curds prepared at home and tie it in a muslin cloth for the excess water to get dripped. Do not throw away the whey (the water that is dripped from curds is called whey). Collect the whey and you can use it while binding the dough / atta for roti’s.

** For Saffron Milk : To one cup of warm milk add in 1 tsp full of kesari (keshar) / saffron strands and allow the saffron to impart colour. Let it stand aside for 10-15 mins. Keep this ready.

** For Fruits : Peel and chop fruits of your choice into medium sized chunks / pieces and mix well. You can use any seasonal fruits available. You can also toss in some dry fruits like raisins, pistachios or cashew nuts to the same. I have not added in any dry fruits as I had added lots of fruits and I wanted to keep this a little bit light. Mix the fruits all together well.

** Now add sugar (as per your taste) to the hung curds along with the saffron infused milk and mix well. The texture should remain smooth and lump free. Check and add in more milk or sugar if needed. You should get a thick consistency of mixture similar to custard. Now add this to the fruits and mix all gently together.

** Keep the prepared mixture in the fridge to completely cool. This dish taste best when chilled. So keep it at least for 2-3 hours. Serve to family and friends as dessert after lunch or dinner. Yummy Yumz. You are sure to get praises for this one. Try it tastes great with saffron aroma. 

** For the Method of preparing Curds, Please follow the link given below …

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