Monday, August 7, 2017

Lord Krishna~Draupadi ... Raksha Bandhan.

"Raksha Bandhan" .... Raksha Bandhan is a festival that celebrates the bond of affection between brothers and sisters. It is a day when siblings pray for each other’s wellbeing and wish for each other’s happiness and goodwill. It is celebrated on the full moon in the month of Sravana in the lunar calendar ......

The word Raksha means protection, whilst Bandhan is the verb to tie. Traditionally, during the festival sister’s tie a rakhi, a bracelet made of interwoven red and gold threads, around their brothers’ wrists to celebrate their relationship. Brothers in return make a promise to their sisters to protect them from all harms and troubles and the sisters pray to God to protect their brother from all evil. Traditional stories state that rakhis are blessed with sacred verses and are encompassed by them. 

Raksha Bandhan originated from a host of ancient beliefs; people continue this tradition with undying faith. There are many mythological stories regarding this festival and how it came into being carried out. One such story is of Lord Krishna and his devotee Draupadi the wife of Pandavas …

Krishna had hurt is finger when he killed the evil king sari in a battle. Blood was oozing out of the finger. All were in a fix as to what to be done when, It was Draupadi, the wife of Pandavas, who tore a piece of cloth from her sari to tie on his wound. This lovely gesture touched Krishna, and he blessed her saying ‘Akshayam’ meaning ‘May it be never ending’.

This led him to protect Draupadi’s honour by providing her unending threads for saree during her ‘Vastraharan’ in Dhritarashtra’s court by the Kauravas, an instance that is found in The Mahabharata. Thus, Krishna saved her from embarrassment. A true and loving gesture from a brother is protecting his sister from every aspect!

This festival has evolved over the years to encompass the importance of many people in Hindu society, yet foremost it continues to honour and uphold the relationship between a sister and brother. A sacred thread known as Rakhee that symbolizes Raksha Bandhan is tied by the sister on her brothers right hand asking him for her protection always and the brother in return vow’s to do the same. 

** Those who do not have brother of their own, tie this sacred thread / rakhee either to their cousin brothers or anyone they give the honour of being their brother. It is also said that many women tie Rakhee to Lord Krishna’s Idol too on this auspicious day as a mark of respect to the lord for starting this tradition and also seeking his blessing and protection always in life. Lord Krishna protects all those who surrender to him fully with full faith and love. 

** Happy Raksha Bandhan to all my Friends … Stay Blessed.

Shri krishna govind hare murari … Hey nath narayan vasudevaa
Radhe krishna radhe Krishna … Radhe radhe krishna Krishna

** Disclaimer : Pictures and Story : Compiled by me from various net sources and friends.

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