Friday, September 9, 2016

Tendle Bhutti / Gherkins and Onion Masala.

Tendle Bhutti / Gherkins (Kovakkai / Tondekai / Tindora / Ivy Gourd) and Onion Curry ....... A yummilicious dry curry that goes well with paratha, roti, chapati or even our very own Dalitoy-Sheetha (Rice) ........

Gherkins are called Tendle in Konkani. Bhutti is a semi spicy thick masala gravy dish that is served as side dish in GSB Konkani Saraswat Cusine. These taste best when served with chapati or parota / roti. You can prepare the same with different veggies too. But tendle-piyav / gherkins-onion bhutti is the most famous of all and is prepared very often. Seasoning of the same also differs from place to place while some add in Mustard Seeds and Curry leaves as seasoning so do not. I add them. We serve this for lunch with Dal-chawal / Roti. You can use hogplums when in season or bimbul too instead of the usual tamarind which is added while grinding the masala. You can use any way you choose. Here I have neither added hogplums (Ambado) nor Bimbul (we don’t get it anyway in Mumbai) and kept it just with the basic masala. Try this dish and I assure you 100% you will want to have more of it. I am going to post different combinations of the same as and when I make it. So just go ahead and enjoy them with parota/roti/poori or Dal-chawal.

Clean about 300-350 gms of medium sized tendle / gherkins in plenty of water. Remove all the dirt etc. sticking to it properly. Slice of the end tips on both the sides of the tendle / gherkins. Now cut them lengthwise into half and width wise also into halves. In all you will get 4 pieces of each tendle. Cut all remaining tendle’s in similar way. Wash them and keep them aside ready. Also peel of the skin of 2-3 medium sized onions and cut them also into medium sized cubes and keep them ready aside.

For Grinding the Masala : Add 2 cups of freshly grated coconut, 7-8 red kashmiri chillies, a small marble sized piece of tamarind, 2tblsp coriander seeds to a paste with just enough water. Do not make the paste very smooth or very thin, but at the same time, it should not be very coarse too. The masala should be very thick and not of thinner consistency. 

Heat 2 tablespoons of oil into a thick bottomed kadai. When hot add in 1 tsp of mustard seeds and when they begin to splutter add in 6-8 fresh curry leaves. Fry for a minute or two. Now add in the cubed onions and further fry till translucent, say for about 2-3 minutes. Add in the cut tendle / gherkin pieces and mix well. Sprinkle some water, cover and cook on lower heat till almost 95% done. 

Finally add in the ground masala, salt to taste and mix well. Add water if absolutely necessary. Cover and cook till the masala gives out sort of bubbles on top. Keep stirring often to avoid the masala getting burnt at the bottom as it is thick in consistency. When good bubbles appear consider the curry is done. Remove from heat and serve hot with any accompaniment of your choice. Goes well with roti, parota, chapati or Dal-Chawal too.

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