Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Cabbage And Onion Raita.

Cabbage and Onion Raita ........ A simple but awesome salad that comes great when combined with spicy dishes .....

There are inumerable types of raita preparations with cabbage, onions and other veggies. This one is a simple salad which I prepare and it is loved by all as the cabbage remains crispy and crunchy in the salad and is a pleasure to eat. Onions add on to the taste along with cabbage which otherwise is a little bit bland. You can choose any combinations, but do try out this one and I assure you you will love it with any spicy pulav / biryani. You can increase the amount of Curds added if you like your raita with more bulk. I prepare either way as per the other dishes served along with it. 

Cut about 200 gms of cabbage into 3 inch thin strips. Peel off the skin of 3 large sized onions and slice them lengthwise as finely as possible. 

Mix both cabbage and onions in a large bowl. Add in 3-4 green chillies cut to pieces and a pinch of coarsely ground pepper (Optional)

Add in ½ cup of beaten curds, 1 tblsp of hing water, salt to taste and mix well. If hing water not available add in ½ tsp of hing powder. Finally add in tsp of finely chopped coriander leaves (Optional). Mix all well.

Cabbage and Onion Raita is ready to be served. Serve this salad immediately lest it may go limp and loose out on the crunchiness. Tastes best when crunchy only. You can prepare before hand and keep it ready while you add the salt, pepper and curds at the end. This will also help in the salad remaining crisp. 

** Note : You can add tempering to the same with mustard seeds and curry leaves. I have not as I did not want to put in too much of spices as I was serving it with Biryani which as it is loaded with heavy spices. But I assure you this is a great combination with spicy dishes.

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