Monday, August 8, 2016

Raw Banana And Capsicum Bajias.

Deep fried ~ Golden coloured ~ Crispy textured ~ Spicy Bbajias are a must during Monsoon ….. Great to relish with Tomato Saar and Rice ….. So here are some Hot And Spicy Raw Banana And Capsicum Bajias …. Yummy Yumz …… Enjoy …..

I have already written a lot about preparation of bajo / bajia a universally loved item by one and all Indians. Bajo / bajia’s is a deep fried item prepared widely by all Indians in their homes. It is a 100% hit dish when prepared for functions or when you have guests. 

There is absolutely no need for me to give in the details of this dish, which I am sure all are well versed with. So without running into history or details I will come straight to the recipe of this dish. Today I prepared Bajia / Bajo out of capsicums and raw bananas. 

Both of which recipes I have already posted before. So I will only add in the links to both the items  here. Please do follow the links for the Recipe.

** For the Raw Banana Bajo Recipe, Please follow the link address given below ……

** For the Capsicum Bajo Recipe, Please follow the link address given below ….

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