Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Urad Rava And Moth Beans Ramdana (Idly).

Trying out new Idly combination continues .... Here is a new one ....... Urad Dal (with skin) + Moth Beans (Matki / Small Bagdo) + Rava ... Ramdana (Idly) ....... With Sweet-Spicy Chilly (Jalapeno) Garlic Sauce And Coriander Coconut Chutney ..... Yummy ..... they really were soft and spongy .....

The saga of different combinations of Idly continues. Here I have added urad dal with skin along with moth beans and rava to make these super soft ramdans. Ramdanas and Idlies are the same. Idlies are small in size and shape while ramdana is one large shaped Idly made in larger mould. These are then cut into pieces and served. Ramdanas are just an easy method for the otherwise cumbersome procedure of making Idly. The small vaties or moulds each have to be oiled, then batter poured carefully into them and steamed. After which you have the most dreaded work of soaking, scrubbing and cleaning them. If the mould is larger it is that much easier procedure of scrubbing and cleaning them. Otherwise the taste and texture remains same. Due to time constraints people have started using this method ie. preparing of ramdana instead of Idlies. I somehow have always loved the Idlies than Ramdana. But hubby suggested that the method of Ramdana should also be shown to people if it helps them in finishing the process faster and is easier on work load. So here it is. 

Ingredients :
Urad Dal with skin : 1 cup
Moth Beans (Matki / Small Bagdo) 1 cup
Rava : 4 cups.
Methi Seeds : 1 tsp.
Ginger : 1 inch piece grated.
Green Chillies : 3-4 cut into small pieces.
Salt to taste.

Tie the rava in a muslin or cotton clothe into a tight bundle and steam it in pedavan / Idly steamer for 15 minutes on medium heat. Remove and allow to cool completely by spreading it into a thin layer in the same cloth. It should be lump free and completely cooled. 

Wash and soak urad dal (with skin) and moth beans together with methi seeds in plenty of water for 2 hours. Rinse well and drain off all the excess water. Grind to a fine paste with about 1 cup of water. I use wet grinder method, you can use any method. Add more water if necessary only. Lastly add in the ginger and chillies and grind it there are crushed and mixed well. The batter should become fluffy and increase in quantity. Remove and pour in a large vessel.

Add the cooled Rava to the ground mixture in the vessel and mix well. See that there are no lumps. The batter should be of thick consistency. Lastly add salt to taste, cover with a tight lid and keep aside near a warm place to ferment for 6-8 hours or overnight. The fermentation process defers from place to place. Where the weather is hot it may take lesser time and vice versa.

Once the batter has fermented mix it well once again. Apply oil to a large round shaped mould with 3 inches of depth and about 8 inches of diameter. Applying of oil to the moulds ensures that the batter does not stick to it and comes off cleanly without crumbling once the Idly is steamed and cooled a bit. Gently pour the batter with the help of a rounded spatula into the mould to ¾ th level only. You should leave gap on top of the mould as the batter will rise when getting steamed. 

Keep the Idly steamer with required amount of water to heat on high level. When it reaches full steam, lower the heat and gently place in the large mould filled with batter and cover with the lid tightly. Increase the heat and steam for 5-7 minutes or till you see steam passing through the sides of the lid, then lower the heat to medium and steam for 25 minutes. 

Remove and cool a bit. Run a blunt knife through the edges on the inner side of the mould and gently flip over and tap it a bit to bring out the steamed ramdana in one go. Ramdana is usually served with sambar / dal / chutney or any spicy curry as an accompaniment. 

** Note: The proportions mentioned above of Rava is when using the wet grinder method. If using mixer then you have got to adjust the proportions as the result of grinding urad dal in wet grinder and mixer are not the same. Wet grinder yields in softer and bulkier quantity of urad when ground were as the mixer does not do the same. So you can decrease the amount of Rava by one glass if using mixer grinder method. Ie. 1 cup of Urad dal : 1 cup matki : 3 cups Rava.

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