Friday, March 25, 2016

Spicy Carrot Sanna Khotto.

Spicy Gajar (Carrot) Sanna Khotto / Ramdana ....... 

For a change wanted to prepare sanna khotto / ramdana with a different vegetable ..... Had lots of gajar / carrots at home. So for a change made sanna khotto / ramdana adding grated carrots instead of onions, cabbage or any other leafy vegetables ..... The result was too good ...... The ramdana had turned out really soft and tasty ...... Yummy now all I have got to do is serve this spicy and delicious ramdana with Dalitoy And Rice and Enjoy the Lunch ....... Sanna khotto / Idly / Polo is a spicy type of Idly / Dosa served during lunch / dinner time with Dal chawal in konkani (GSB) household. It is served hot topped with a tblsp of coconut oil poured over it. There are variations in preparing this dish. The basic ground paste remains the same so does raw rice ground / Idly rava added to it. However tuvar dal is added by some while some do not add it. Chopped cabbage and onions are added to the same. But during festival times or fasting days onions are not included. I have posted Sanna Khotto here that is prepared without adding tuvar dal. I have already posted the Idly method to which rice, tuvar dal, cabbage and onions were added. This one is for a change. But do try out the same as it tastes really great. 

Wash, wipe, peel off the outer skin and grate 3-4 medium sized carrots. You should have about 4-5 cups of the grated carrots in all.

To be ground : Grind to a fine paste 1 cup of fresh coconut grated with a small marble sized tamarind, 1 tablespoon of hing powder and 5-6 red kashmiri chilly. Do not add much water. 

In a bowl add 3 cups of Idly rava, add water and let it soak for 5-10 minutes. Tilt the bowl and remove off all the excess water. Add in the ground masala, grated carrots, 2 tablespoons of besan / chana dal flour and salt to taste. Mix well. The mixture should not be too thin nor too thick. The consistency should be that of bakri or rava idly or sanna khotto which we usually prepare. Leave it aside for some time. If you find too water leaving the sides of the mixture add in some Idly rava mixture and mix well. 

Take a round flat bottomed bowl of about 8 inches in diameter. Apply oil on the inner side of the bowl all round. Now pour in the mixture and flatten to an even surface on the top. Heat a pedavana / Idly steamer add ing enough water as per the regular steaming method. Keep the divider and once the water comes to boil, gently keep the bowl added with the mixture. Cover Idly steamer with its lid and let cook on high for 5 minutes. Now lower the heat to medium and continue steaming for another 20 minutes.

Remove from fire and let the bowl with the now steamed ramdan cool for 10-15 minutes before removing it from the bowl. Run a blunt knife all round the inner rim side of the bowl and invert the bowl on a plate so that the ramdana falls over intact on the plate. If too hot allow another 5-10 minutes and then slice them into required sizes. Serve the spicy carrot sanna khotto / ramdana with Dalitoy and Rice.

** Note : The same can be prepared in prepared Jackfruit leaves baskets which in Amchi we call as Khotto while the jackfruit leaves are called khotto pan. The same can be prepared also in banana leaves cut into squares. Just see that there is not much water or else it may start dripping. 

Keep the mixture at the center of the square and fold from both sides and place it gently in the Idly steamer. Also you can use badam leaves. You can also use small katori / Idly vati and make these into Idli shapes. You can also use the flat plate Idly steamers and make these in those shapes too. 

You can also use tumblers and then cut them into pieces or use paper cups too. I have used all the above mentioned in making of Idly or sanna khottos. It is just a matter of choice and convenience.

** Just check out the link given below for preparing of jackfruit leaves khotto / moulds / baskets. 

** Also check out the link for the Recipe of Sanna Khotto a Spicy Idly with Rice, Cabbage and Onion ...... Steam Cooked in weaved jackfruit leaves baskets 

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