Thursday, March 31, 2016

Apple Jam.

Apple Jam (With Skin) ..... Thanks to my Sister Dr. Vijaya Bhat for sending me these Sweet Apples .... Finally got to make my Apple Jam ... Yumz ......

Apple Jam can prepared with or without the skin. It is usually prepared without the skin as if the apple is not ground to a smooth paste then the skin pieces tend to stick in the mouth while eating it. I have no idea whatsoever of the shelf life as I am preparing this for the first time. I always prepare any jam in small quantities as I do not like addition of preservatives nor storing them for months. Like to make them fresh and finish off with a week or two. The skin portion has lots of vitamins in it. Also the skin of fruits and the inner seeds contain pectin a preservative in them ... they are usually bundled in a cloth tied and used while cooked and then discarded when 80% cooking is done ... so my guess is it may remain at least for 2 months since i have added skin too, but will it last that long is the million dollar question. Usually its over within 10 days. So I suggest when you prepare the Jam bear in mind the shelf life, do not go overboard and prepare the same in bulk. I always suggest you prepare in small quantities and enjoy them fresh with your family and finish it off within 2 weeks or so. 

Wash and wipe with a clean cloth 5 firm but ripe apples. Cut them into pieces after removing off the center core part and the seeds. Discard them. Put the chopped pieces in a blender and make a very very smooth paste of the apples. Sieve them through a large holed sieve. You can remove the skin and then grind them or sieve them. You can skip sieving if you have ground it to a very smooth paste and the skin portions are not visible. But I suggest you sieve them coz. there are chances of small pieces of skin remaining in the pulp. I have added the skin only for the purpose of colour and for the pectin in it. The skin and seeds of the fruits are a great source pectin which causes jams and jellies to gel and set properly.

Add the ground apple in a thick bottomed kadai and cook on medium flame till its half in quantity add about 200-250 gms of sugar (Depending upon how sweet you want) and keep stirring till the sugar melts. Now cook on medium flame till the mixture leaves the sides of the kadai. Add 1 tsp cinnamon powder and mix well. 

To test if the jam is done ….. Take a small plate and add a tablespoon of the mixture on it and spread it a bit. Keep this in the freezer for about 5 minutes. Remove and with the back of a serving spoon divide it into two through the center in one go, there should be a path like in the center without the mixture sticking to the spoon or the center etc. I have added a picture of the same for clear understanding. 

If the mixture comes out sticky continue cooking for another 5-10 minutes. Remove and store in a sterilized bottle. Allow the jam to come to room temperature before you store it away in the fridge. I finish off any jam within 2-3 weeks. So I have clearly no idea if this jam stays good for longer period. I suggest you make in small quantities and consume them fresh instead of using preservatives. The above amount of apples gives upto 250-300 gms of jam. 

You can serve the jam by spreading it on plain or fried bread slices. You can serve it topped on cracker biscuits too. You can also serve them with Dosa etc. Children will enjoy this Jam fresh with Roti also. You can also use it as a filling in small samosas etc.

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