Friday, October 30, 2015

Thali 15.

My Fav. Dinner at Night .......... Batate Katla Upkari, Mirsange Nonche, Peja, Happolu And Lijjat Pappad / Potato Bhaji, Green Chilli Pickle, Rice Porridge, Red Chilly pappad And Lijjat Pappad .......

Food food food …… sometimes you go overboard. Yes sometimes you just don’t feel like eating anything heavy. Whenever I attend a marriage function or if there are continuous functions or festivals, then my stomach starts protesting against masala foods. I am sure this happens with all of us. I always have my favorite dinner during such times to go easy / light on my tummy and that of my family. I prepare rice porridge / kanji / peja during such times. Even during rainy seasons, when it is pouring heavily and I am not able to get vegetables, I prepare the same. This dinner is simply heaven on earth for me and also my hubby. You feel so good after this dinner that you also get a good and sound sleep.

I am sure all of you know how to prepare rice porridge / paja / kanji….. Just boil plenty of water and add in washed rice and cook till soft and thick in texture. The proportion should usually be for 1 part of rice 6 parts of water. Remove and serve hot with a pinch of salt (avoid it if possible, I never add salt) and 1 tsp of fresh home made ghee. Serve the rice porridge / paja / kanji with some pickle, roasted papad and any simple bhaji. Again here I would like to mention that when it goes very well with any bhaji, but it is a best combo with batate katla upkari / potato quartered bhaji. The bhaji is simple and tasty having lots of hing in it, which aids in digestion. Just try it and you will simply love this combination. I am giving the link to the potato bhaji below, please follow the link for the recipe.

** For the Recipe of Batate Katla Upkari / Potato quartered Bhaji, Please follow the link given below …….

** For the Recipe of Green Chilli Amla Pickle, Please follow the link given below …….

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