Preface ... A little about Me.

|| Jai Guru Ganesh ||

My Name is Gayathri Pai and I belong to GSB Konkani Saraswat Community. My roots lie in Mangalore a famous city in Karnataka State which is very famous for its Cusine. It is my desire to spread Konkani recipes worldwide as it has lacked recognition and is not promoted well. Our dishes are easy to prepare once you get proper understanding of the combinations. We are a community that love food and famous for our hospitality. With globalization, our community has migrated and settled all round the world. The geographical situations and availability of products has took a toll on the community, which has resulted in change of food habits. This is but natural, as the saying goes, In Rome be Roman. 

However, the growing trend of fast food and ready to eat package of food has engulfed the world in such a way that today people are reluctant to toil in the kitchen to churn out yummy dishes. Lack of time due to job constraints are another reason for housewife preferring to get food on home delivery basis. In simple words, our delicious and healthy konkani food has taken back seat to these calorie filled fast foods. It disheartens me to see young children and teenagers eating unhealthy food without a second thought and are not interested or are reluctant to eat our good home food. This is not to say that I do not enjoy these foods, I do relish them once in a way too. But it is not at all healthy to have them continuously and will not at all be good in the long run.

I belong to a large family where the kitchen was always filled with delicious aroma and yummy food. After marriage and settling in Mumbai a metro city of India that all are aware off, life really began to take toil. I was working round the clock attending to office and home cores. Yes sadly it was always the home that took the back seat. Over the years I learned the importance of good food and understood why our ancestors always insisted we eat a good breakfast before leaving home. I made break fast the first dish a priority on list. Having achieved that slowly I progressed towards the lunch and dinner. Today I manage all very well.

With time, I have experienced that our ancestors lacked communication skills and where unable to explain exactly why the concoction of dishes and recipes were made in certain way. But they saw to it that they handed down each and everything to the coming generations. I have learned a lot from my Mother, regarding cooking and now I would like to pass on the same to coming generations. If the desire to cook is there in your heart, remember half the battle is won and rest is breeze work. It is my earnest request to all to go into the kitchen and try out new dishes along with the traditional one’s and enjoy them with your family. Good health is the best wealth you can handover to your coming generations.

All recipes included in my Blog are tried and tested in my own kitchen by me. You can always try them and contact me via mail if you need in more information or for any other problem. I have tried my level best to include most of our traditional dishes along with my own variations and concoctions. It is a pleasure to share my very own dishes here were it is appreciated the most. There is so much more I have to do, that I always fall short of time. 

My Sincere thanks to my Mom, from whom I learnt the norms of cooking by keen observation. I consider her as my supreme guru. My father who not only taught me the ropes of business but always made us try out new dishes at home and saw to it that we learnt a lot about cooking new food by always encouraging us. And most of all to my hubby, who taught me to think out of the box and venture into new techniques and try out new methods. He has been my strength throughout my career in all ways, in all fields. He was always game to tasting new dishes churned out by me and gave me good feedback, was an good critic and always gave me good suggestions and tips. 

Loads of thanks to all my friends who shared lots of recipes, tips and suggestions. Special thanks to all of those who follow my Blog and relish the dishes by preparing the dishes at home. Sending me feed backs, asking me to blog certain recipes, which I have almost forgotten, sharing in their tips and suggestions and above all sending me their love. Thank you blog friends and my group friends, if not for all of your support, It would really have been difficult for me.

Due to the diversity of our Indian culture, original words from respective sources have be retained along with appropriate equivalents wherever possible. I have included Konkani words for most of the dishes and ingredients too. I have also included almost all of the English equivalent name of the same. If I have not been able to get the name of the same, I have tried including pictures of the ingredients for proper understanding of the same. 

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My best wishes to all my friends here with an earnest request to go into your kitchen and try out your hand at churning yummy dishes. There is so much joy in seeing satisfaction and smiles in the faces of you loved one’s when you serve them dishes prepared by you with love. Always stay connected with generations and pass on our culture to them. Remember Sharing is Caring and this very attitude of sharing will take us all a long way. 

Thanking each one of you for your participation and love
Gayathri Pai

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