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Karbeva Loshney Chutney / Curry Leaves Garlic Chutney~2.

“Karbeva Loshney Chutney / Curry Leaves Garlic Chutney ~ 2.” ... Usually I always prepare the two chutney powders separately ie. Garlic (Loshney) Chutney and Curry Leaves (Karbeva / Kadipatta) Chutney … Recently a few times I prepared them together, sort of 2 in 1 chutney pitti / powder and it tasted awesome … Goes well with Idly, Dosa, Appo, Khotto and also with Pejja, Dal-Chawal, but above all irresistible with Amchi Mumbai Vada Pav ... Yummy Yumz .... 

** I have already posted similar chutney powder recipe before and will be sharing the link to same at the bottom of this recipe, Do check up on that recipe too. There is just a minute change in addition of roasted gram as in this recipe I have not included it while the other recipe contained the same. As I already mentioned Dry Chutney Powders are a must in my home as recently I am busy round the clock with so many activities. My food group, Blog, my short story writing and above all cooking of new recipes, capturing the pictures take up all of my time and I am really pressed for some time for myself. But I love my job and it is the only thing in this whole world that gives me complete happiness. Reading is something that has still taken a back seat and come what may; I intend to catch up on the same this rainy season. 

** Any powdered chutney or pickles have become necessary in my home now. Not that we eat them regularly, no we do not. I serve them only with dosa or Idly only when I am unable to prepare chutney and with pejja / rice porridge I do serve them as we love the combo. But, that is something we do once in 10 days, so this chutney pitti / powder comes for a long time for me. That is the very reason I do not do it in bulk, so that I can keep preparing them often with different ingredients. A little bit of hard work is involved in preparation of the same, as you have to be careful in roasting part, also you should keep hygiene level strictly in mind, as we need to store the same. If you want the same to remain good for longer duration of time, you must store them tightly packed in fridge and keep removing a little bit of the stock for regular use. It can be added into your tiffin box too without worrying of it being spoilt, which is often the case with fresh coconut chutney. 

** Again, as I said before I am good at taking shortcuts by using Microwaves etc., which allows me to attend other work while the cooking progress is on, also that way I get to avoid stirring / roasting part, which is a complete NO-NO to me. In fact, some of the roasting and powdering part is done in steps over a few days to avoid clustering of all work at one time by me. I cannot do much of stirring activities continuously coz. of my neck, shoulder and back issues. However, if done in limits and with care, you can cross many bridges successfully, with the grace of God. He takes care of most of hurdles for me and I have immense faith that he will too. I suggest all my friends, to do the same, there is no point in toiling in the kitchen all the time, use facilities, technology has now crossed so many barriers for us that, things have become so much easier compared to what our parents or grand parents had to go through. 

** Note : I have not included the method of curry leaves powder, roasting of coconut or about preparing of chilly powder etc. as I have included it in detail with pictures in the previous recipe. I am adding the link to that recipe right here, so that you can follow the link and get to know and can follow the recipe properly, do excuse for not repeating the same. Also do check up on “My Tips and Tricks” at the bottom of that recipe which will give you a lot of guidance and save you from some regular happening mishaps. You can also use the search option for more verities of chutney recipes. 

** Here is the link to the “Curry Leaves~Garlic Chuntney” Recipe, Please do go through the link for details …. 

** For this recipe you will need : 
Roasted Coconut : About 1 kg (approximately) 
Curry Leaves Powder : About 1 cup 
Roasted Crisp 3 cups of curry leaves. 
Garlic Cloves : 1 cup peeled and chopped roughly into pieces. 
Kashmiri Red Chilly Powder : 3 cups 
Tamarind : One huge lemon sized ball. 
Salt to taste (Roughly about 1/4 cup of less) 
Oil : 1 tblsp 

** Note : The above quantity of ingredients are adapted to the chutney as per my personal preference. You can make your own variations with curry leaves and garlic. In this particular recipe, the aroma of curry leaves dominates even the flavor of garlic. However, rest of the ingredients can be used in the same proportion. 

** Again I have added in Kashmiri Chilly Powder as it is mild in spice level and addition of more gives more bulk and beautiful color to the chutney too. If you are using higher spice level chilly powder, do use your judgment on addition of the same. Add in a little bit lesser as we can always add and mix the same later on too. 

** For preparing the Chutney ....... 
** Heat the oil in a thick bottomed kadai and add in the garlic pieces and fry till slightly the color changes. When the color changes add in the required amount of salt to taste (say approx. about ¼ cup) and fry a bit on low heat, now add in the kashmiri red chilly powder and mix all and fry for a minute, lastly add in the tamarind and mix well. Remove from fire and add in curry leaves powder and mix well. 

** Note : If using whole curry leaves, just roast the crisp and add them to the mixture after removing from fire, coarsely crushing them with your hand, they will get powdered in machine, so no worries. 

** Put this mixture in a mixer grinder in batches and grind all till finely powdered. Also, remember while grinding not to grind on continuous motion. Run the mixer for half a minute mix well again for another 30 secs, stop and mix well. Continue till you get a powdered form. If you find that the mixer grinder is heating, allow to cool in between by stopping grinding procedure for some 5-10 minutes. Lastly add in the roasted coconut and further grind all together till well mixed. 

** Remove and spread on a wide plate mixing and loosening lumps if any well. Let the chutney powder cool completely, though you should not allow it to get heated in the first place. But if it happens, then it has to be cooled. Once it is completely cooled, store them in air tight container and serve as and when required. Remains good for 3-4 weeks. If you want to store for longer periods, say 3 months, store is well packed in fridge and remove some into a small bottle and use it as necessary. 

** “Karbeva Loshney Chutney / Curry Leaves Garlic Chutney” is done and is ready to be served with your favorite dishes. Goes very well with Dosa, Idly, panpolo, chapati and best with Vada Pav. Do try and find the time to prepare these chutney powders as even though it takes up some of your time in preparing, it really curtails your work in the long run. You can relax much more without having to try to prepare chutney everyday. Enjoy this one with your family and friends. It can be carried in your tiffin box too without worrying of it getting spoilt which is often the case with fresh coconut chutney. 

** An Earnest Request : There are many more recipes of similar type in the blog. For all my Recipes, use the search option or the label section in the Blog. If you are still not able to find it please leave a message in comment section or mail me the same. You can also go to my page (add on the left side of blog) and leave a message and I will try my best to get back to you as soon as possible … Thank you. 

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