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Vegetable Patti Samosa.

Vegetable Patti Samosa With Tomato Ketchup And "Khatta Meeta Teekha Khajoor ~ Dhania Chutney / Spicy Sweet Tangy Dates ~ Coriander Chutney with Coconut and added on spices" prepared by me earlier ... Yumz ...

Vegetable Patti Samosa …… the name itself is enough for many of us to go boogie boogie …. Haina? (Isn’t It? ) ….. What more can one ask for in chilly / cold weather but some hot samosas with a hot Coffee / Tea / Hot Chocolate or Almond Milk. I have been wanting to post this one for a long time now, but somehow, every time I prepare them I do not even get the time or the opportunity to click the snaps. Yes, you are right they are just sort of flicked of and eaten in no time ….. Well to be frank, I had prepared them usually when I would have some guests invited and as all of you do, I too keep the deep frying part at the end ….. I just about fry them and serve them hot as there is no fun when the samosa’s go cold. Now I cannot ask the guest’s to wait till I click a few snaps can I ? ….. Well even if I did Do you think they would listen ???? neah … off course not, that’s so indecent .... So it was always a next to impossible task for me to click, edit and post on blog for quite some time now. However, this time when I made them, I decided I would keep aside a few, so that I could fry them and have my fun clicking snaps of them later on. So I kept away some of the inner filling and some of the patti samosa sheets aside for later use as it is and went about finishing the rest of them, served, relished and enjoyed the party with hot patti samosa’s. Once the guest had left, I slowly sneaked back into the kitchen and prepared the rest of the hidden patti samosa’s. I was just about to finish frying them when hubby peeped in and was astonished to see more of patti samosa’s. I grinned sheepishly, while he had a hearty laugh at my obsession of posting. Well, I had too, who can resist these lovely patti samosa’s after all. So here are those specially prepared patti samosa’s for all of you that I had hidden away ……. Shhhhh …. Enjoy them before before someone comes over and off they go again.

These are simple to make, the sheets are readily available, so all you have got to prepare is the inner filling. You may use any vegetable or non.veg. filling you like. There is actually no hard and fast rules regarding this. Though potatoes are a major part of the filling all round the world for samosas. You can even just add in some potatoes or any other veggies to left over bhaji and make the filling. I have made many combinations of bhaji for these but unfortunately did not click them. So now on, I am going to see that a few are either fried before or after the guests have left so that I can share them here with my lovely friends. I have kept the filling simple, so also the masala's as I do not like making these spicy as children then cannot enjoy the same. As for the older one’s there is always spicy chutney which they can dunk the samosa into and enjoy, while the children would always love to relish them with ketchup.

Wash and drain 2 cups of green peas. Peel off the skin of 2 medium sized potatoes and cut them into small cubes almost the size of the peas. Wash and drain these too and add them to the green peas. Now peel of the skin of either one large or 2 medium sized carrots and cut them also into similar sized cubes like that of potatoes. Put all the three together in a microwave safe dish, do not add in any water, the rised water is more than enough for the veggies to get cooked. Microwave these covered slightly for 2 minutes on high, mix well and again microwave on high for another minute. Leave it there for a few minutes. Remove and mix well, crushing them a bit. You can also use gas method, just cook them with little bit of water till done, that's all, see to it that all the water is evaporated at the end of cooking. There should be no trace of water whatsoever. 

Add in salt to taste, a dash of each of coriander powder, jeera powder, fennel powder, chilly powder, amchur powder and garam masala powder. Mix this well. The mixture should be dry and there should be no trace of water. Heat a tsp of oil in a small pan, when hot add in a pinch of oam / ajwain, mustard seeds and a few crushed to bits curry leaves. Pour this over the mixture and mix well. Mash the potatoes a little bit as you mix the mixture. Let cool completely and keep the mixture ready aside.

The patti samosa sheets have their own instructions written on the outer cover. Do read them carefully and follow as each brand has a little bit of variations. Keep them outside to thaw for the given time as per the instructions. Now loosen each sheet gently by running a blunt knife between the sheets. Keep a single sheet flat on surface. 

Keep some water in a small bowl close by for sealing the same. Take about a large tablespoon of the filling and leaving a little bit of space place it on the corner of the patti samosa in a triangular shape. Leaving out a little bit edge sides, for rolling over. I have enclosed picture for you to be able to get the proper method easily. Now fold over the stuffed part of the sheet over triangularly to overlap the other side. Keep rolling over till the end of the patti sheet into triangular runs. 

Finally apply a little bit of water to the remaining edge and seal over the patti together. It’s a bit difficult to explain on written method, if the pictures are not able to help you or you have still some doubts, plz. Do watch any video of the same on You Tube to understand the procedure better. Though the pictures I assure will give you the method correctly, visuals are always preferred by some. So plz. Do go ahead and check on to be 100% sure of the procedure. 

Once you do get the jest of it, it’s breeze work to prepare these patti samosas. Prepare the rest of the patti samosa’s in similar way till all the inner filling has been done over with. You may keep back the remaining patti samosa strips immediately into the freezer for later on use. Do check on the freezing life of the same while you purchase them. 

Heat plenty of oil in a thick bottomed kadai to deep fry the samosa’s. Once the oil is smoking hot, lower the heat and wait for 3-4 minutes before you add in the prepared patti samosa’s one at a time. Fry them in batches of 5-6 depending upon the size of the kadai. Allow them to fry for a 2-3 minutes before you try to flip them over. Gently keep flipping them over, till they are evenly browned and turn crispy. Remove using a slotted spoon and leave it on an absorbent paper for the excess oil to drain off, while you continue with the remaining patti samosa’s. 

Do not at any stage allow the prepared patti samosa’s to dry off before you deep fry them. If you have prepared many at a time, just cover them with a damp cloth to arrest them from drying and cracking up. Serve patti samosa’s hot with some spicy coriander coconut chutney and tomato ketchup and some hot beverage if its pouring (raining) heavily outside. Nothing like hot tea / coffee with hot samosa’s. Go ahead and enjoy them with your family and friends. I served them with Tomato Ketchup And "Khatta Meeta Teekha Khajoor ~ Dhania Chutney / Spicy Sweet Tangy Dates ~ Coriander Chutney with Coconut and added on spices" prepared by me earlier. You may do so with any coriander chutney of your choice. Do remember to mail me your comments on the same. Thank you and God Bless. 

** For Khatta Meeta Teekha Khajoor ~ Dhania Chutney / Spicy Sweet Tangy Dates ~ Coriander Chutney with Coconut Recipe, Please follow the link given below ….. 

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