Sunday, May 27, 2018

Chilled Ginger~Lemon Juice With Jaggery~Sabja.

"Chilled Ginger~Lemon Juice With Jaggery~Sabja" ... The Mumbai heat is enjoying while we are sweltering ... Here is an excellent summer coolant / thirst quencher that gives instant energy and peps up your mood ... Enjoy and Stay Coooool .....

Simple lemon juice or ginger lemon juice are a common coolant in our home. It’s one of the best thirst quenchers that we have in India. Lemon is high on vitamin C and is necessary in restoring the lost nutrients during summer. This time round I prepared this with the addition of Jaggery instead of sugar. Sugar is considered not so good for health nowadays while gud / jaggery is supposed to be better in choice. It had high iron content and is a absolute delight to be relished during summer as it really peps up the mood. Summer heat in Mumbai is at it’s highest now and it is simply not possible to live without sipping on something or the other, so today I prepared ginger~lemon juice with jaggery and sweetener and topped it with soaked sabja which is also very good body coolant. There is nothing exorbitant in the recipe here it’s simple so enjoy this coolant this summer chilled with your family and friends. 

** Here is the simple Recipe for "Chilled Ginger~Lemon Juice With Jaggery~Sabja" .....

** Soak 1 tblsp of sabja seeds in a small cup of water. Keep it aside for 10-15 mins. The seeds will be swollen soon enough. Sabja is very good for health, so do make it a point to have them often in any form you desire. 

** Wash, wipe dry and cut into pieces 2 inch of ginger. Crush them well with a heavy weight stone or you can coarsely grind them in mixer too. I crushed them on my small stone with a weight. Mix it with one cup of hot water and keep it aside covered for 15-20 minutes. 

** In one glass of hot water mix about 100-150 gms (+/- as per individual choice) of jaggery till it has mixed in well. I used powdered jaggery and it got mixed in fast. Keep this covered aside. 

** Note :  You can increase the amount of jaggery if need be as I have kept it to minimum. Children love them slightly sweeter so you can add in little more and serve them as it is, while you can include some chilled water for others who wish to have it medium. Jaggery / Sweetness is always individual choice.

** In a vessel strain and add the ginger juice, jaggery along with 3-4 cups of chilled Ice cold water. Add in a teaspoon of kala namak / black rock salt powder, ½ tsp of cardamom powder and mix well. Lastly add in the soaked sabja seeds (they will have well swollen by now). Put this in fridge till needed to be served chilled. 

** "Chilled Ginger~Lemon Juice With Jaggery~Sabja" is done and ready to be served. A lovely coolant during monsoon to be relished chilled with family and friends specially when you come home tired from sunlight. Do try this out, add in jaggery instead of sugar and reap the benefits of iron in it. 

** You can use the search option for "Beverage" where you will get many more coolants prepared using different ingredients. Do try out various types of fruit juices and relish them with your family and friends and do give me a feedback if possible. 

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