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Kane (Lady Fish) Fish Fry And Gashi (Curry) With Raw Mangoes.

“Kane (Lady Fish / Nogli / Muddoshi) Fish Fry and Gashi (Curry) with Raw Mangoes” … Yummy Kane / Nogli fried crisp along with a spicy tangy gashi prepared using raw mangoes which are in season now and seasoned with onions … goes very well when served with Ukde SheetHa / Red Boiled Rice … Yummy on Tummy … 

** Kane fry and kane gashi is a famous fish curry that is relished by all Manglorean fish eaters. Though it’s famous in Goa and other southern parts of India, Mangalore is very famous for Kane Fish Fry. My Mom used to prepare more of gashi than fry as in our home we loved surmai / king fish fries more than any other fish fry. But she did prepare them sometimes, though I hardly remember eating the same. During my childhood I was a very fussy eater and never ate anything much except sweets. It would not be wrong if I say I lived on chocolates. Mom had to push the rice down my throat and threaten me to dark rooms for me to eat some food. Hard to believe ?? but that is the truth. I don’t think anybody thought I would get into food stuffs in future. My relatives are really surprised when they come to know that I now have a lovely food group too. Well again it would be wrong to say I never liked food. I had some of my own favorite dishes like butter chicken, egg curries and pulavs were my favorite. I loved non-veg puffs the best and could live on them during my college days. I always ate in hurry a little bit, and ran off in some pretext or the other. It was only after my college days that I learned to eat fish curries, though I prefer it with dalitoy and rice.

** After marriage and then into business kept me so busy that though I had developed a liking to the curries, I prepared them as we had to eat, kept collecting recipes which never saw the day. It was in the last ten years when I took the back seat in my business due to health reasons that I ventured full fledged into cooking to keep myself busy and also to divert my mind from unwanted gossips. Life has been really different after that, initially I had no time for anything other than my business and now suddenly I found myself busy round the clock without getting anytime to sit down and enjoy. But it has been so pleasant and has improved my health very much as I have no time at all to sit and think unnecessary, unpleasant issues. I suggest to all my friends now to keep yourself so busy doing anything that gives you real happiness and satisfaction that when you retire to bed you just snooze off to sleep. Everybody has their shares of unhappiness, some have more some have less and lucky are those who have not seen such days. To keep mental balance, it is absolutely necessary to venture into something you always wanted to do, but never had the time. In my case it was food. Imagine, I get to enjoy and also eat, its like having the cake and eating it too.

** I know, once I start to write, I bore all of you with my little stories, so I will keep some for next time and continue with the recipe for the gashi. The recipe for Nogli fish fry has already been blogged before, so I will be sharing its link at the bottom of this recipe, please follow the link for the same … As I mentioned earlier I have prepared kane / Lady fish today with the addition of raw mangoes and tempered them with onions … here is my recipe for Kane Gashi with kairi / ambuli …

** Ingredients :
Kane / Lady Fish / Nogli / Noglekana : 6-8 medium sized.
Raw Mango / Kairi / Ambuli : One small sized.
Onion : 1 large sized chopped finely.
Salt to taste
Oil : 2 tblsp 

** For Masala to be ground :
Coconut / Soyi : 2 cups freshly grated
Corainder Seeds / dhania / kothambari : 1 tblsp
Spicy dry red chillies / Kumte Mirsanga : 8-10 (depending upon individual spice level)
Garlic Cloves / Losun : 2-3 peeled and cut to pieces.
Haldi / Turmeric Powder : ½ tsp
Oil : 1 tsp

** Trim the fins, scrap the scales, slice off the head portion and trim the tail too, give a slit on the side of the stomach and then clean the kane / nogli in plenty of water. Apply a little bit of salt all over and keep it covered aside. Just before adding it to the curry, rinse it in little bit of water and then add to the simmering curry. Keep the fish whole and do not cut them to pieces, though if they are too large you may cut them to two pieces. 

** Note : In Mumbai we get it all cleaned and trimmed. Just have to wash it in plenty of water. Please learn the proper cleaning technique from a person who knows the same well or you can watch fish vendor doing the same the first time and learn from watching keenly. Again in Mangalore they tear off the skin from the kane while in Mumbai they not. It is easy to remove just like the procedure for shark / mori but you have to be skilled and not tear apart the fish. I used to do so for many years initially after my marriage, but after my Mumbai frds. told me they do not do so, I have stopped. You may choose any method for the same.

** About adding Raw Mango / Kairi / Ambuli : Wash and wipe the raw mango / kairi / ambuli with a dry towel. Now slice of the sides lengthwise into strips. Discard the inner seed. You can retain the skin or gently slice off the skin portion and then cut the edible portion to small pieces too. I always retain with skin as in my home we love eating it as it is. Some people prefer pieces without the skin, so choose whichever is appealing to you. Also do not add in too much of raw mangoes or else the dish turns out too sour. Check the level of the tanginess / tartness by putting a small piece in mouth, and then add on ony that much how much is necessary to the curry. 

** For Masala to be ground : Heat the oil in a small pan, when hot lower the heat and add in the coriander seeds and fry till slightly color changes add in the garlic and red chillies and further fry them for a few minutes. Lastly add the turmeric and fry for a second only and remove from fire.

** Add the fried ingredients and the freshly grated coconut in a mixer grinder and grind to a smooth paste with water. Do not add more water, just enough to bind the masala into smooth paste. For fish curries, the masala has to be ground to a very smooth consistency to get the fish curry texture right. 

** Note : I have not added tamarind as I am going to use Raw Mango / Ambuli while cooking the fish, if you do not want to use raw mangoes or if they are not able, do not worry, just add in a small marble sized tamarind while grinding. You can also add Ambado (Hogplum), Bimbul (Tree Sorrel) or Karmbala (Star Fruit) if available or when in season. We need to add in some sourness to the curry, so any of the said ingredient serves the purpose. In Goan side some add in dried kokum peels too. So use any of the said ingredients without worrying. 

** Add the ground masala into a thick bottomed flat type vessel and add in a cup of water or more to bring it to a thick gravy consistency. Now add in the raw mango pieces, salt to taste and bring to a boil. When the curry begins to boil, lower the heat and simmer till the mangoes are just cook. Do not over cook the raw mangoes.

** Now lower the heat to minimum and gently add in the cleaned and kept ready kane fish / nogli, one by one in a single layer, so that they do not topple of each other. Gently shake the vessel with the help of tongs to allow the gravy to mingle with the fishes. Never use spatula to mix the curry once you add on the fish as the fishes are delicate and tend to break. Always gently shake the vessel in circular motion with the help of tongs or holding them with cloth. 

** Fish hardly takes time to cook, so just before you add on the fish to the curry, prepare the tempering in another burner by keep a small pan with the oil and the finely chopped onions for frying. If the fish has been cooked, it just takes about 4-5 minutes for the fish to cook, remove and keep it aside covered. Once the onions to be tempered have been evenly browned add them onto the curry, cover and keep aside for a about 20-30 minutes for the flavors to seep into the curry. 

** “Kane (Lady Fish / Nogli / Muddoshi) Fish Gashi (Curry) with Raw Mangoes” is done and ready to be served. I served the same with ukde sheetHa / Red Boiled rice and Kane fish fry / Nogli fry along with some bhaji and onion salad. A delicious scrumptious lunch that can be definitely enjoy with family and friends who are fish lovers. Do try this out and enjoy and remember to give me back a feedback. 

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** You can use the search option for "Fish" where you will get many more dishes prepared using it. Do try out various types of dishes to relish with dosa / Idly / roti etc. or with dal-chawal too. Enjoy the dishes with your family and friends and do give me a feedback if possible. 

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