Thursday, March 16, 2017

Masala Peanuts.

Masala Peanuts (Groundnuts / Kadlo / Shengdana / Moongfali / kaDalekaayi) ….. Chatpata masaledar peanuts that can be relished as a snack to beat the in-between hunger pangs, also a good to munch on snack that can be enjoyed with a good book to read on or watch some movie … Yummy Yumz ….

Masala peanuts / groundnuts need no introduction. Everybody has enjoyed these nuts from their childhood for sure. These are nuts that are dry roasted, then coated with masala with added on spices and finally deep fried. These crispy nuts are everybody’s favourite and I have yet to come across someone who does not like them. Easy to prepare, all that is needed are sure to be available in the kitchen. I prepare them during Diwali or monsoon season. During monsoon when its pouring heavily a good cup of hot ginger tea and masala nuts along with a good novel is all that I need to have. 

But today I was sitting idle and wanted to catch up on reading the novels that had piled up and had been untouched for quite some time now. So just went ahead and prepared these so that I could really enjoy my suspense nail biting novel with this snack. I am off to get absorbed in that book while you people may go and prepare this snack so that you too can enjoy yourself. Without running into details I will post the recipe straight away as I am sure this snack does not need anything more said. 

Roasted peanuts are best used for the preparation of masala nuts as they cut down the amount of deep frying in oil. The procedure is also faster. So use peanuts that are dry roasted. I always microwave peanuts, but you may use the stove method too. Just roast the peanuts on medium flame in a thick bottomed kadai till they are evenly roasted and done. Cool them completely before you apply any masala to the same. You can prepare them before hand the previous nigh too. 

Put in a bowl about 500 gms of roasted peanuts. Add to this 3 tblsp of red chilly powder, 2 tsp of hing powder, 1 tblsp of fennel powder, 2 tblsp of rice powder, 1 tblsp of maize flour (Optional), ¾ - 1 cup of besan (chickpea flour) and salt to taste. Sprinkle water and mix well. Do not add water in one go. Keep adding and mixing till you get evenly coated peanuts. The coating should be sticky and stick to the peanuts. Do not make the coating watery. I have enclosed a picture for better understanding. You may add in any other spice of your choice too. You can also add in either ground garlic or garlic powder, it gives an awesome garlic flavour. I have not used it today but will soon post other variations too.

Heat plenty of oil in a thick bottomed kadai. When the oil reaches smoking point lower the heat to medium and wait for a 2-3 mins before you add on the masala coated peanuts. Now add 2 tblsp of hot oil from the kadai to the masala mixed peanuts and mix well. Take a handful of the same and drop it into the oil carefully, seeing to it that as you drop a few at a time separately. Do not add it in bunches, else the peanuts will get clubbed and you will not get peanuts separately fried. Do not overcrowd the kadai too. With a ringed spatula stir the peanuts to separate them if they are joint gently. Be careful as the oil is hot. Keep distance when you do this. 

Keep stirring the masala nuts to evenly fry them. This will take about maximum 4-5 minutes depending upon the amount of peanuts added into the oil and the size of the kadai. When the peanuts are evenly browned, strain through the ringed spatula, remove and put them on an absorbent paper for excess oil to drain off. You may find the masala peanuts a little bit soft if you eat it hot at this point, do not worry, they will become crispy once they cool down. Just see to it that you have evenly deep fried the nuts to a golden colour. Repeat with the remaining masala applied peanuts till done. Finally add some curry leaves into the hot oil and fry for a minute, remove and add on to the fried masala peanuts and mix well. This is just to add on some flavour. 

Allow the deep fried masala peanuts to cool completely. They will become crispy once they cool down. Also once they are cool enough you can separate them, if there are some clubbed ones. Put them into an air tight container once they have completely cooled off and enjoy as a snack with family and friends when you watch a TV serial or movie. You can carry these when you travel to far off destinations. They come in handy to not only munch on if bored or having a chatting with friends but also help in keeping hunger at bay if there are delays or held ups in travel. Whatever be the reason these can be enjoyed as and when you want. So go ahead, prepare them and enjoy them with your family and friends.  

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