Saturday, May 7, 2016

Ice Apple Cucumber Lemonade.

Thand Thanda Cool Cool …… “Ice Apple Cucumber Lemonade” ….. An coolant to the body ....... to keep the body heat at bay from within …. Also known as Irolu / Ice Fruit / Palm fruit / Nungu / Tadgola ….. 

The mere mention of summer reminds only heat to my mind. Hot weather has a gnarly side effect too, the intense heat and humidity make it impossible to sit comfortably, let alone sleep through the nights. The obvious solution for remaining cool is, yes sleeping is an air conditioner. But what when there is no electricity or you have got to got out of the house / office …. Yeah ... So the only way out is, you have got to find ways to keep the body heat at bay from within. 

Consume Ice Apples in plenty to keep the body heat at bay from within …. Also known as Irolu / Ice Fruit / Palm fruit / Nungu / Tadgola ….. it is an apt summer fruit, high in vitamin B12. It alleviates acidity, rashes and prickly heat and the juice prevents the body from dehydration. Addition of cucumber and lime increases the coolant properties …. So go ahead and enjoy these fruits and cool drink to keep yourself fit and cool. 

This one is really simple to make just chop 3-4 Irolus / ice apples and put them in a mixer grinder. Add 3 cups of sugar and 3 cups of water and grind to a smooth paste. Remove in a vessel and add in some more water, till you get a juice textured quality. 

Add in freshly squeezed juice of 2 lemons, a large pinch of cardamom powder along with 1/8 tsp of saffron strands. Add in ¼ tsp of kala namak / rock salt or any salt and mix well. 

Wash and wipe clean one small sized cucumber. Slice the sides of the cucumber with skin, taking care to see that you do not include the seeds. Finely chop them into 2-inch thin strips. Also finely chop one Irolu / Ice apple into thin strips. Cut some lemon rings too. 

Add both cucumber and irolu / ice apple strips and the lemon rings to the prepared juice. You can also add in some mint leaves. Put this in the fridge to completely cool before serving. Serve chilled topped with some Ice cubes. 

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