Saturday, May 7, 2016

Crispy Fried Sardines.

Crispy Fried Sardines / Pedvo / Bhutai / Tarle ....

Sardines are a very healthy food which contain Omega 3 essential for good body building of bones. However, sadines have lots of fine thorns in them which becomes a displeasure to children as they tend to poke them between teeth or tongue. Small sardines are tasty and can be chewed well when fried crispily. They are not easily available in Mumbai, unlike Mangalore. During our childhood days we used to enjoy this fish, small finger sized crispyly fried. Though a tedious job for cleaning they really tasted great. These are medium sides sardines that are available in plenty in Mumbai. Do try out in small sizes too if they are available in your vicinity. 

Scale the sardines to remove the thick stubborn scales on the body with the backside of a knife or a blunt knife. Cut off the head portion, give a slit side ways on the stomach side. Snip off the edges at the tail side and also snip off the fins. Clean the stomach portion and the fish gently to remove all inedible portions in plenty of water. 

Prepare a thick paste out of kashmiri red chilly powder, pinch of hing, salt, pinch of haldi powder and a little bit of vinegar. Apply this evenly to the fish and see to it that you cover the inner stomach portion too. Put this in a refrigerator cover with a tight lid for 1-2 hours. 

Remove and roll the fish evenly in rice powder or fine rava. Heat 3-4 tblsps of oil in a non stick pan. When hot, lower the heat to medium, wait for few minutes and then gently slip in the sardines one by one. Do not over crowd the pan, there should be plenty of space for the fish to get fried evenly. Turn it once of twice in between with the help of tongs to evenly fry on all sides. When the sardines are evenly done and crispy remove and put them on a absorbent paper to drain off excess oil. 

Serve hot as an accompaniment with Daalitoy, Rice and any other dish of your choice. 

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