Monday, February 15, 2016

Amla Garlic Chutney (Gooli).

Avale (Mitta ghalele) Loshne Gooli / Brined Amla (Gooseberry) Garlic Chutney ......

Loshne Gooli / Garlic Chutney is a coarsely ground dry chutney prepared in most GSB / Konkani Saraswat houses. The chutney is called gooli meaning a ball coz. the coarsely ground chutney can be rolled into a round ball without cracking up. This chuntey is spicy and has lots of garlic in it and is considered very good for health. The chutney can be served with Idly, chapati, roti, dal-chawal but it taste best with peja ie. plain rice porridge / kanji. When the weather is bad and once feels cold and weak or if even if you have a stomach upset, this chutney is prepared and served with steaming hot rice porridge. We children used to relish this during our holidays at mid morning break. 

The same chutney can be prepared by replacing amla with tamrind too. I have already posted that chutney under the title Loshne Gooli / Garlic Chutney. But do use amla and prepare this chutney for added benefits of Vitamins for health. Amla needs no introduction as it is on the topmost list of healthy foods that has lots of Vit. C in it. Do leave a feedback in the comments section. Thank you.

Ingredients :
Amla : 5-6 medium sized (Fresh or Brined)
Kashmiri Red Chilly : 8-10 (+/- depending upon individual taste)
Garlic : 18-20 large sized peeled and chopped.
Coconut : 2 heaped cups freshly grated.
Coconut Oil : 2 tablespoon.
Salt to taste.

Note: For this particular chutney I have used freshly brined Avalo / Amla. You can just cook and use Avalo straight away too. Just be careful while adding salt if using brined one’s as they already have salt in them. Also this chutney should be kept in fridge. Even then it has to be consumed best within 2-3 days. So do not prepare in large quantities.

Heat about 1-2 tblsp coconut oil (you can use any oil) in a kadai. Add about 18-20 skinned garlic cloves (large sized chopped fine) and fry a little bit till the colour changes slightly. Add 8-10 Kashmiri Red chillies cut into pieces and further fry for a few seconds, add about 2 heaped cups of freshly grated coconut and continue to fry for about 5 minutes. The coconut should not be browned, but just heated. You can leave out the step of frying of coconut and continue by just grinding the chutney adding fresh coconut as it is too. I just do it to prevent the chutney going sour / spoilt when stored in fridge for 2 days. 

Add in the brined Amlas cut into small pieces. If using fresh one’s just cook it in a little bit of water before grinding. Grind all to a coarse paste without or very little water so that it can be rolled to a ball consistency. Check salt before adding and add if necessary. If using fresh one's you have to add in the salt while grinding and if using brined one's see to it that it does not become over salty. Avale Loshne gooli (that's its traditional name) is ready. Best with hot rice kanji/ porridge/peja.

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