Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Urad Dal And Rice Appo.


Udidu ani Tandula ghalnu Appo / Urad Dal And Rice Appo ..... 

Appos are small dumplings prepared in a tawa which has several dents. The dents are oiled and urad dal + rice batter is poured into each of them, covered and cooked till done. These have a very spongy texture and taste awesome with any chutney of your choice. Appo's taste very good with spicy curries too. I have already posted the recipe for Appo with various variations before. So go ahead, prepare these spongy yummy dumplings and enjoy them with any curry or chutney of your choice with family and friends. 

Ingredients :
Urad Dal : 1 cup.
Rice : 3 cups (2 cups if using mixer for grinding)
Methi Seeds : 1 tsp.
Salt to taste. 

You will need : To prepare these appo's you need the special “Appo mould pan / Paniyaram pan / Aebleskiver pan” a pan which has round dents in them which is available both in cast iron or Teflon coated. Appos are small round savouries cooked in these dents.

Wash and soak 1 cup of Urad dal and 3 cups of ordinary Rice separately in plenty of water for 3-4 hrs. You can add a tsp of methi seeds to the rice while soaking. Grind both separately to a smooth paste and then combine the two batters well. Add salt to taste and leave to ferment overnight. 

Next day heat the Appo tava, add some oil in each of the dents, pour a small ladleful or large tablespoon of the batter in each of the dents, it should fill to 3/4th only as it rises when its gets cooked. Cover and cook on medium heat. Now uncover the lid,  check if the bottom surface of the appo is crisp and top surface too has cooked.  

You can test it by just touching the top surface of the appo with fingers. If done the batter will not stick to your fingers. Gently flip over the appo's one by one with the help of a blunt knife running it smoothly round the edges and cook  uncovered now till done. Serve hot with chutney/sambar or any curry of your choice.

Note: The variations of the Urad and Rice differ in different grinding methods. If using whole Urad Dal (without skin) then increase the amount of rice. If grinding in mixer then add only 2 cups of rice. I use wet grinder for grinding urad dal, so the ratio is 1:3. Also beat the Urad + Rice mixture well the next day before proceeding to make the appo’s.

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