Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Coconut Coriander And Roasted Gram Chutney.


Coconut Coriander Roasted Gram (Putani) Chutney ...... goes well with bread for sandwiches, Appos, Idly or Dosa .....

Chutney is usually prepared with coconut in many South Indian household. These were a must during olden days during breakfast with dosa, Idly, khotto or appos. We GSB / Konkani Saraswats are so much in love / dependent on coconut dishes that nothing tastes the same for us, without adding at least a little bit of the same to each and every dish. In today’s day however for health reasons people are skeptical of using more of coconut. New methods are being used in the preparations of chutney adding different ingredients instead of using coconut in bulk. Here for the coriander chutney, I have used putani / roasted gram (Bengal gram) in order to reduce the amount of coconut to be used and also to add in a crunchy taste to the chutney.

Ingredients : 
Freshly grated coconut : ½ cup.
Fresh cleaned and chopped coriander leaves : 5-6 cups.
Putani / Roasted gram : 1 heaped cup.
Curry leaves : 10-12
Green Chillies : 8-10 (+/- depending upon individual choice)
Garlic with skin : 15-18 (you can peel of the skin if you like, but they impart more aroma)
Ginger chopped : 1 tablespoon.
Tamarind : small marble sized.
Salt to taste.

In a mixer grinder add in coconut, half of the putani / roasted gram ie. half cup, curry leaves, green chillies, garlic with skin, chopped ginger, tamarind, salt to taste. Grind this to a fine paste with little bit of water. 

Now add in the chopped coriander leaves and further grind the chutney to a very smooth paste. Add water only enough for grinding of chutney, do not add more as the chuteny will become thinner in texture. 

Just keep adding little by little for smooth running of the grinder and till the chutney is ground to a smooth paste. Now add in the remaining half cup of putani / roasted gram and grind till the putani gets coarsely crushed. This way I prepare to get a crunchier taste for the chutney. If you do not like or prefer the smoother variety, you can simply add all of the putani at the first stage of grinding and grind it to a smooth variety. But do give the crunchiness a try. It gives the same effect as crunchy peanut butter.

Now remove the chutney in a bowl and mix well. Check the salt and add if necessary. Serve the chutney with dosa, idly, appo or bread. This goes very well for sandwiches, just apply on bread slices on one side and tomato ketchup on the other and put in any desired fillings and munch on for a healthy breakfast or in between snack.

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