Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Aloo Matar Sabzi.

Aloo Matar Sabji (Sabzi) / Vatana Ani Batate’ Bhaji With Chapati / Roti …. Aloo matar is a popular subzi, loved by all Indians specially children. This one is a easy version of the same …. Tastes great to relish with grama-garam roti’s / chapati’s ….. Enjoy

Aloo Matar is a side dish that goes very well with both roti and poori. Though the later is much more yummier. I am a little bit partial to poories. However, since I prepared this dish for dinner I did not have the inclination to prepare poori as we at home generally avoid deep fried items at night. Also I knew the baji would remain and that I could always prepare the same next day to relish with this awesome bhaji. So actually I have prepared 2 varieties of accompaniment for this aloo matar sabji. I served it with normal roti / chapati for dinner and next day for lunch I prepared Methi poories and enjoyed them to my heart’s content. 

I suggest you prepare this and enjoy with Methi Poories if you love poories or if your family does. The combination is simply out of the world and will leave you craving for more. Will post them back to back to enable you to follow whichever way you prefer to have the same. So prepare and Enjoy this “Aloo Matar Sabji (Sabzi) / Vatana Ani Batate’ Bhaji With chapati / Roti or with Methi Poories OR simply go ahead and follow my method of chapati for dinner and poori for lunch.

** Peel and chop 2 large sized onions into medium sized cubes.
** Shell and collect fresh green peas …. Say about one large cup.
** Wash, wipe and cut 2 large sized tomatoes also into medium sized cubes.
** Peel and cut 2 large sized potatoes also into medium sized cubes.
** Pick, clean and chop finely half cup of fresh coriander leaves.

Put the potatoes and green peas along with half a cup of water in pressure cooker and cook to one whistle. Remove and allow to down a bit say 2-3 minutes, release the pressure with the help of tongs. This will ensure that the potatoes and green peas do not get overcooked. If you are not sure of this method, you can put the same in a stainless steel vessel with water and cook till almost done and keep aside ready. Whichever method that is easier for you.

Heat 3 tblsp of oil in a large thick bottomed kadai. When hot, lower the heat to medium and add in 1 tblsp of jeera and fry for a minute. Now add in 12-15 fresh curry leaves, 1 tsp haldi powder, 2 tsp of hing powder and 1.5 tblsp of sambar powder. Fry all for about 2 minutes taking care to see that the powder do not get burnt. If you find them sticking to the bottom or becoming lump sprinkle some water immediately and mix well. Now add in the chopped onion and mix well. Add in salt to taste and mix well for about 2-3 minutes. Now add in the tomatoes and mix well. Lower the heat and cover and cook till tomatoes are half done. Add in the cooked potatoes and green peas and mix well. 

In a bowl add in 1 large tablespoon of besan (Chana dal flour / Chane peeta) along with one cup of water and mix well. The paste should be smooth and there should be no lumps. Add another cup of water to it and again mix well. Add this to the cooking ingredients and mix well. Keep the heat low or else the dish may curdle. 

Cover and cook on low heat stirring often to avoid burning or lumping of the curry. When the bhaji starts to simmer it is done. Check salt and add in if necessary. Lastly garnish with half a cup of finely chopped coriander leaves and mix well. Serve hot with either poori / roti / chapati / paratha. 

You can check the link below for making of Phuka / Capati for reference.

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