Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Cooking Red Boiled Ukda Rice.

Red Boiled Rice / Tambde Ukde Tandla sheetha / Urpel Ari / LaL Mota Chawal ....... Cooking of Red Boiled Rice using Pressure Cooker …… My easy way out …... Cooking red boiled rice / ukde sheetha is considered laborious and time consuming, but I use a faster method and get perfectly cooked rice using pressure cooker ….. Anybody can follow this simple method, cook and enjoy hot red ukada boiled rice with a spicy Veg / Non. Veg Curry ……. I am sure people from Southern Parts of India / Mangloreans and many more who will try this out will surely agree with me ......... Totally Yumz ......

Mention Rice and Indians come to mind instantly to people all round the world. That is because we Indians are by and large rice eaters especially in the Southern parts of India. We love our rice with a spicy curry very much. Rice is the staple food in many regions of India. Every Indian has her / his own method of preparing the same. Both white and red rice are available throughout the country. The difference being the method of polishing the rice. While white rice is more common all round India, in south Indian it is red rice, that too mostly red boiled rice / ukada rice that is famous and eaten the most. Recent health researchers have also proved that red unpolished rice is better than white polished rice. It has much more fiber, minerals and nutrients than the normal polished white rice. 

People having their roots in Southern Parts of India be it from Karnataka (Mangalore), Madras and Kerala have developed a taste for boiled rice since childhood as rice is grown by large in fields there and is available in shops. Red boiled rice itself has its own way of preparation from plantation to husking, parboiling, and then making it available to customers. I will not run into the details of how red boiled rice is processed as I have limited knowledge on the same. Also I am sure it is available in websites with lots of information. Moreover, this post is only about “COOKING OF RED UKDA / RED BOILED RICE”. I would only like to write here about how I particularly prepare red boiled rice using pressure cooker and it is very easy. Anybody can follow this simple method rather than the age-old laborious and time-consuming methods. 

Red boiled rice has to be cooked a lot and in my childhood, I used to watch mom boil it for quite some time and then place the cooked pot in a well-fitted box, which had a layer of dried straw for an hour or so. The insulation helped in further cooking of the rice. The procedure was really long – time consuming and it really put me off, though I loved the rice, I had no intention of spending so much time nor gas / fuel on it. Staying in Mumbai and its fast life style also did not give me that much time to go about it. Recently I came across insulated stainless steel pot. I went ahead and purchased it thinking my work would be diminished, but somehow once again I was neither comfortable nor satisfied with the procedure.

Finally, I went ahead with my own method and after a few trials and errors finally managed to get perfectly cooked red boiled rice the way I loved it. This is a simple method where you have just to use pressure cooker and the rice gets ready evenly and beautifully, with each grain well cooked and separate. 

I am giving all those interested a detailed step by step method of the same below with pictures. Please do try out this method, if you like red boiled ukda rice. You will be happy that it does not take much of time and also the result is simply awesome. Remember to use a large sized pressure cooker.

Wash 1 cup of red boiled ukda rice in plenty of water. Put the washed rice in pressure cooker and add in about 2 litres of water. Now tighten the pressure cooker lid, put it on medium heat, and bring to about 2-3 whistles. Now lower the heat and let cook of 5-10 minutes. In between if you find the cooker hissing too much, that means there is excess pressure in cooker. You may just tap the cooker for a few whistles to be blown or raise the heat to medium and the cooker on its own blows the whistle. 

However, do be absolutely careful and stay away from the cooker. You have to be well versed with the ways of your cooker. As every cooker behaves funny at times. Once the 5-10 minutes have passed, just straight away off the gas and let the cooker stand as it is for 15-20 minutes or so before you open it to check the rice. 90% of the time, it will have definitely been cooked. But sometimes if the rice used for cooking is too old it may not, in such case just put back the cooker on gas, tighten the lid and cook to 1 whistle and remove the lid when the steam has fallen on its own. It’s done. 

When you are able to remove the pressure cooker lid, gently open the lid. Now tilt the cooker and just drain off the excess water at the top of the cooked rice. Now cover the cooker with a fitting plate and tighten it with some clips so that the plate does not slip away. Now keep the cooker in slanted position on a bowl as shown in the picture for all the excess water to get drained off. Keep this carefully in the same position for about 15-20 mins. The excess water will all pass off and you will have lovely soft, just rightly cooked rice ready to be served.

The red ukda boiled rice is ready to be served. You may serve the rice with any dish of your choice. Goes well with any spicy dish. You have to develop a taste for this rice, as it is a bit sweeter than the normal plain white rice. Also since it is thicker in texture it does not appeal to many a people’s taste buds. However, considering the immense health benefits one should slowly adapt this healthy rice into their daily diet and build a healthier and fitter generation in coming years. You can also serve this rice as porridge without straining the excess water. In which case just cook the second round again for 2 whistles. For rice porridge, you need the rice to be cooked to a softer consistency than rice that is to be served with curries. Do give a try to this rice and enjoy health benefits.


  1. I need Red boiled rice. Am at Kolkata. I am not able to find it here. Is there a way to get it here.

    1. Its available on amazon u can try any kerala or mangalore stores..i m sure there is one