Thursday, August 4, 2016

Almond Gulab Jamuns.

Almond Gulab Jamuns …. These are Jamuns prepared with Milk Powder And Almond Powder ....... A rich and delicious Gulab Jamuns ...... A treat in itself …. Enjoy .....

I adapted this recipe from my friend Prarthana's Milk Powder Gulab Jamun Recipe. I tweaked it and made my own variations and changes by adding in coarsely ground almonds and kneading it with milk. I added in cardamom flavour and some almond pieces too. You can use water too, but milk gives softer texture as almond flour tends to dry up a bit. 

Gulab Jamuns is a classic Indian Sweet / Dessert which is famous throughout the country.It is prepared and enjoyed by Indians at almost all homes be it in India or Abroad. A dessert that can be served by almost anybody during celebrations and festivals. Children love these amla sized balls dunked in flavoured syrups and is a sure hit during Birthday parties.

The trick in making a good gulab jamun I guess one learns by trial and error. The sponginess depends not only on the ingredients but also on the consistency of the prepared dough which has to be soft and smooth. The jamuns should be easily cut by spoon and should melt in the mouth when consumed.

There are so many methods of preparing the Jamuns. Over the years so many different types of Jamuns have come into edition, that people are always in the look out for new twist and tweaks in the same. The mixture though is readily available in the market, it is not difficult to make the same at home.

There are many variations in the recipes, traditionally they were prepared with mava or khoya, while some add in curds or yogurt, some prepare the same with milk powder. Recently I have come across many recipes where they have prepared the same with bread too. Jamuns are also prepared with center fillings now for additional flavours and taste. I have already posted Gulab Jamun with gulkand filling before.  

I intend to prepare a lot more flavours and fillings and will be sharing the same with all of you, so please do keep checking the Blog for new and tasty dishes always. Do drop in a line if you have prepared and enjoyed the same as it will boost my energy and I would also be obliged if you message if any difficulty or any problems arise while preparing the same. I would gladly help out with the same or check up the edited recipe for faults. It really would be helpful. But either way do prepare these jamuns which are a little bit different from the regular one’s as they are crunchy in texture and you will get the crunchiness as you eat coz. of the coarsely grounded Almonds added to it. Children will love it. So do go ahead and prepare the same.

For Preparing the Jamuns : 1.5 cups of milk powder, ½ cup coarsely ground almond powder, ½ Cup Maida, 1 tsp Baking Soda and cold Milk as required for binding.

For Preparing the Sugar Syrup : 2 cups of sugar, 1 cup of water, few saffron strands, 1 tsp of cardamom powder, 1 tsp coarsely ground Almond powder, pinch of orange colour (Optional).

For Jamuns : Lightly mix all the dry ingredients. Add in a few tablespoons of milk and bring the all ingredients to crumble texture. Now sprinkle some more milk and keep binding the ingredients till you get a soft round ball consistency. Cover with wet cloth and keep aside.

** Prepare small round balls out of the dough the size of a small sized amla and keep these ready. You can grease your palms with a drop of melted ghee to give it smooth finish or you can just wet your palms with a little bit of milk. I choose milk. 

** Heat ghee in a thick bottomed kadai and fry the jamuns in low heat in batches till they are golden brown in colour. Keep stirring gently often or else the jamuns will get burnt on some sides and remain unevenly browned. 

So keep rotating them with a ringed spatula. Remove and put them in a wide bowl. Complete all the prepared jamuns in similar way.

For the Syrup : In a thick bottomed vessel add in both sugar and water and bring to a boil on medium heat. Add in colour and let simmer till a little thicker in texture (about one thread consistency). Remove and add in the saffron strands and cardamom powder. Keep aside.

** Put the fried Jamuns in warm sugar syrup. Putting them in warm syrup will help the Jamuns in getting spongy and soften in texture as it will soak the syrup well. Mix lightly so that the syrup is covered all over the jamuns. Cover and keep aside to rest for 20 mins. Keep mixing lightly once or twice for the syrup to mix up with Jamuns, so that they swell properly. 

** By now the Jamuns will have soaked up the syrup and gone soft and spongy within. Add in the coarsely powdered almond powder and mix well. 

Yummy Almond Gulab Jamuns are ready. Serve them hot if desired or at room temperature. Either way they taste great. Go ahead and Enjoy them with your friends and relatives. You can serve this for your Kiddos Birthday Party too and see the lovely and happy expressions on their face of tasting a Gulab Jamun with difference. Sure they will love it. 

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