Thursday, July 28, 2016

Strawberry Caramel Custard.

Strawberry Caramel Custard ......... A delicious dessert ........ One of the best sweet treats to end the meal with .... Also my most favourite ..... Yumz ...

Caramel Custard by itself is truly a delicious dessert. I have already posted coffee flavoured caramel custard before. This time I made strawberry flavoured one and it was truly awesome. How do we like to end meals? Some would say Ice Cream, some would cakes, some my relatives would say payasam for sure … some more would say any sweets and some more would say …. Say what ? Yes some would pause to think, coz they have so many favourite desserts that they have to think. But me, I have one favourite dessert of all from childhood till date ie. my all time favourite desert has always been “Caramel Custard”. 

We always like sweet treats after meals that are equal parts yummy and easy. In restaurants, you are always asked after lunch / dinner as to what dessert we would like to have. Once during my teens I had eaten this dessert at a well-known restaurant, but to my dismay I could never find this on the menu in most of the other places. Married and settled in Mumbai …. My search continued for this dessert, sometime I found it, but did not like the taste of it. But most of the time I never could find it to my utter dismay. Forget it, I said, I would make my own and eat to my heart’s content. Thus, started my pleasure of eating homemade caramel custard. My family loves this and I make it very often. Well after all I too would get to eat it. I prefer this dessert to Ice Cream or payasams, though I must say everybody at home likes ice creams too. Now I am off to making different flavoured one’s so this time it was strawberry and let’s see what I will come up with next time.

Ingredients for making Strawberry Flavoured Caramel Custard :
4 eggs, 500 ml of Full Gat Milk, 4 + 4 tblsp of sugar, ¼ cup of strawberry crush (I bought this from store).


Add in a vessel, milk + 4 tblsp of sugar and bring to a boil. Simmer for 5-10 minutes stirring all the time. Remove and let it cool completely to room temperature.

In a glass bowl, break in the 4 eggs and beat it well with an egg beater. I used electric beater Remove and add to it 2 drops of raspberry / strawberry colour and 1 tsp of strawberry essence. Now add in the cooled milk and mix well. Add in the strawberry crush and mix well again and keep it ready.

For caramelizing : I have always prepared these in aluminium cake moulds. Add 4 tblsp of sugar + 1 tblsp of water in the mould and keep it on medium flame till the sugar melts and bubbles appear. The minute it starts caramelizing ie. it turns into golden brown remove from fire. Swirl the mould a bit so that the caramel spreads evenly towards 1/3” of the sides at the bottom. Let this cool. It hardly takes more than 5-10 minutes.

Pour the milk mixture to into the mould that has caramelized sugar by placing a sieve above it, so that the milk gets sieved into the mould. The mould should be only half or ¾ th filled. 

Cover the mould with a aluminium foil, sealing the sides well. 

Pour water into the Idly Steamer and bring to a heat. Now gently keep the mould into the steamer without tilting it. Cover it with a fitting plate and keep a small weight on it to prevent the lid from having any gaps. Steam on low heat for 35-40 minutes. Remove and let cool completely before putting it in the refrigerator overnight to chill.

To Serve : Run a blunt knife gently all round the inner rim of the mould to separate the custard from the mould. Keep a fitting dish on top of the mould and flip it in to overturn it so that the custard gets gently rolled over fully into the serving dish and the caramel side is on the top. See to it that the serving dish can fully accommodate the custard without spilling over. Cut into slices and serve. I make small one’s in muffins / aluminium cups, so that it can be served as a whole.

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