Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Storing Green Chilly.


Storing Green Chilly the right way in Fridge ..... 

Mention the name green chillies and the tongue starts up to fire and eyes swell up with tears. But then green chillies are very good for health, better than the red dried ones. They absorb the fat contents in the body fast. In India these are available abundantly and are also grown in backyards of homes. We in Mumbai have no such facility living in flats. Many a time we buy chillies when buying vegetables though there are always some lying in the fridge. Either we bought them sometimes twice or over estimated our needs. But most of the time every house wife finds herself with a lot more of chillies on hand than she needs. Chillies have short life span if stored at room temperature, hence they have to be stored in the fridge. Again we are faced with the problem of “How to store them for a longer period without spoilage?” Here are some tips and tricks to store them in your fridge at home. 

Gently pull off the stem part of each green chilly with your hands, avoid using knife. Discard the stems and also spoiled green chillies if any. The remaining part of the chilly should remain intact. Retain only those that are fresh and firm. You can use the little soft one immediately instead of throwing them also. Wash the chillies properly and rinse them under running water. See to it that no dirt or leaves etc. stick to them. They should be absolutely clean. Pat them dry with a thick towel and let them dry on another dry towel for an hour or so. Now put them on an paper towel or news paper and let dry in a dark corner completely. Do not put it in sunlight area. Best left overnight. Now put a piece of well fitting paper towel in an airtight box and put in the dry green chillies. Cover with tight lid and put it in the fridge. Lasts for weeks if done properly. You can also put them in Ziploc plastic covers available in markets or cover them in paper and put them in ordinary plastic and then put them in the fridge too. Your Green Chillies are ready for use whenever you need them. In between when you use them if you find some chillies that have gone limp or spoilt, remove them immediately lest they spoil the other lot of chillies too. Remember one rotten apples spoils all in the basket. Similar is the case here. Try it, you will not regret the same.

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