Thursday, June 16, 2016

Mango Rice Chana Dal Pulav With Tomato Gojju.

Something Different but Great in Taste ....... "Sunset Spicy Pulav" ..... Is the Name I have given this dish as I remember the colours of Sunset on Beach Side while seeing this Yummy Pulav ........ I have made it with Ripe Mango (Alphonso) Rice + Chana Dal ........ And Served it With Khatta Meetha Teekha Tomato Gojju And Chilled Buttermilk ........ Yumz .......

Pulav’s or Biryani or for that matter any rice items are relished by my family with great enthusiasm…. We just love spiced rice / biryani very much. Many mangoes were lying in the basket, ready, ripe and eagerly waiting to be cooked. I was bored with juices and ice creams. My mind was all prepared to make pulav for lunch, while I just thought why not add this mango pulp prepared for making juice into the rice and make something different. A bit skeptical as mango is sweet, I still ventured into the task of making this pulav and yes it did taste good. But then I had made it spicier so there was just the tinge of sweetness of mango to the pulav. But the colour was something that fascinated me very much. At a glance from far off where I sat reading a book, I could see a glow sort of dish on the table. My pulav looked like the setting of sun in the beach from where I sat. So I then and there decided this would be my Sunset pulav. 

Though the curds were enough to go with this pulav, I was hesitant as sometimes my hubby insists on some sort of gojju / raita / dal etc. with pulav. I did not want to prepare any curry as I knew it would not gel well with this sort of pulav. After a lot of thinking I just went ahead and prepared tomato gojju / chutney a simple medium spiced khatta meeta teekha dish that actually goes along with anything served with it. So here is my Sunset Spicy Pulav with Khatta Meetha Teekha Tomato Gojju and chilled buttermilk. A great combo of dishes.

As I have already posted the tomoto gojju and the pulav recipe … I am just sharing here the links to the same. Do go through the recipes of the item and prepare them and enjoy with your family and friends. Just make sure you add a little bit more spice than for normal pulavs if you do not want the pulav to be sweet. 

** For the Khatta Meetha Teekha Tomato Gojju Recipe, Please follow the link given below …

** For the Mango Rice Chana Dal Pulav Recipe, Please follow the link given below …….

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