Monday, June 13, 2016

Cheesy Egg French Toast-1.

A filling Breakfast ..... Cheesy Egg French Toast With Tomato Ketchup ~ Apple And Ginger Tea ...... Yumz .......

French toast is a delicious toasted bread with beaten eggs, milk etc. adding veggies and spices. In France, French Toast is often called pain perdu, or “lost bread.” Initially years back, due to lack of proper storage space and facility, the bread used to go stale and hard. They had a very minimum shelf life and the poor french housewife had to use up the baked bread someway or the other immediately all the while keeping in mind the taste and likes of her family. So they came up with the Idea of soaking the stale breads in a mixture of beaten eggs and milk and then frying them or toasting them, thus making the hardened bread easier to chew. Sometimes sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla or some other spices of their choices were added to the mixture before soaking the bread in it. These were then served steaming hot and were very famous dish for brunch or breakfast, as they were very filling as well as making a delicious cold weather breakfast treat.

We Indians however, are always in the habit of Indigenizing English dishes by adapting them suitably to Indian taste. We like our dishes on spicier side. Also with addition of our own ingredients with which we are familiar, it becomes that much more easier for an Indian wife to assemble the same keeping in mind her family taste and choice. I have prepared this french toast in my own way. I have not soaked / dipped them in egg batter as I feel they become more soggy and do not turn up crispy on being toasted. I have also sprinkled some grated cheese on top as my family likes bread topped with some cheese. 

Here is my very own method of making Cheesy French Toast Recipe …..
Beat two eggs in a ceramic bowl till frothy. Add one large sized onion chopped finely, 1 green chilly coarsely crushed, one medium sized tomato cut into small pieces, salt to taste, pinch of coarsely crushed pepper powder and a handful of finely chopped coriander leaves. Mix well. 

Put a non stick pan on heat, when hot lower the heat to minimum. Now apply butter / ghee to one side of brown bread slice and put it on the pan with butter side touching the pan. Now with a small rounded spoon spread some of the prepared egg mixture on top of the bread slices to form a thick layer. Sprinkle some red chilly flakes on top (Optional). I do not soak the bread in the prepared mixture as they absorb too much off the batter and become soggy. This way the toast becomes crispy. Now cover the pan with a fitting lid and let cook for some time till the eggs on top are cooked. By covering the pan, you will be cooking the egg batter on top of the bread slices in its own steam, which becomes easier to flip over.

Now put a few drops of ghee / melted butter on top of the egg coated bread slice and gently flip it over with a flat spatula. Press the bread slice a little bit and just cook for a minute or two. Now flip over the bread and sprinkle some grated cheese on top of the egg coated side of the bread. They will melt fast. Remove and cut the bread into into triangle’s. Serve hot with tomato ketchup. Repeat the process with remaining egg batter. This will give you about 3 Cheesy French Egg Toast ie. 6 pieces of the same. Enjoy this Cheesy French Toast With Tomato Ketchup for breakfast or brunch with your family. They truly are healthy and awesome. Children will simply love them.

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