Monday, January 25, 2016

Mooga-dali (Moong Dal) Usli.

Mooga-dali (Moong Dal) Usli ....... A dry side dish that goes well with poori, roti, paratha or bread .......

Moong dal Usli is a dry dish that is served hot for breakfast with poori, roti or as it is. I also serve this with tava fried bread with taste awesome. I have used it as filling for stuffed poori. Also made sadwich filling of the same by giving it as a filling in between bread slices and then grilling them.

Moogadali usli is indeed a very versatile dish. I have yet to come up with more ideas. However, my favorite cobo for moogadali usli from childhood to now is poori. Try it, it taste wonderful. The dish is really filling and also healthy as moogadali has lots of health benefits. I have already posted the method of preparing the dish so will just add the link to the recipe below. 

** For Moogadali usli or moong dal bhaji, Please follow the link given below ……

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