Monday, October 19, 2015

Duddali / ArrowrootPudding.

Duddali (Kuve Pittache') / Arrowroot Pudding..... Prepared by My Mom ....

Duddali is a jelly / pudding sort of dish prepared by using Kuve Pitta. Kuve Pitta - the English name of which I have no knowledge is a flour prepared by root vegetable and is similar to Arrowroot. 

Some have writen it off as Arrowroot of which I am not sure of as arrowroot looks and texture is different. Arrowroot is a fine powder where as kuve pita is lumps like in texture. I have included a picture of the same for all of you understand how exactly kuve pita looks like. 

This flour is available down Southern Parts of India and is used extensively to prepare the duddali dish. It is considered to have cooling effects in the body. So this is usually prepared during the month of Summer. 

For making of Duddali : 1 cup Kuve pitta, 1 heaped cup sugar, 1 cup coconut milk or ordinary full fat milk and 3 cups of water, 1 tsp of cardamom powder and little bit of saffron strings.

Mix well and soak 1 cup of kuve pitta for about 2-3 hours in plenty of water. Leave it in a place undisturbed. The kuve pita will settle down at the bottom of the vessel and the water will remain on top (nittolu). 

Apply some ghee (melted) evenly on a tray or plate and keep it ready aside.

Gently tilt the vessel so that you can drain off the excess water. Take care to see that the kuve pitta is not disturbed much. All the water that has risen on top should be thrown away. 

Now mix the kuve' pita settled below with 1 cup of coconut milk or full fat milk and 3 glasses of water to a smooth mixture. (I have used coconut milk readily available in the market). Pour this in a thick kadai and cook stirring on medium heat till it thickness a bit. Do not at any point leave it unattended. You have to keep stirring so that the mixture gets evenly thickened.

Add in teaspoon of cardamom powder and some saffron strings and mix well. Once it starts to thicken lower the heat to minimum and keep on stirring till it turns jelly like with mirror glaze and also leaves the sides of the kadai. Remove from heat and pour it on the prepared tray in one go. Flatten it to make a flat even level with the help of the spatula. 

Let cool completely. Cut the Duddali into desired shapes and serve it chilled.

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