Friday, October 30, 2015

Bread Croutons.

Making of Heart Shaped Brown Bread Croutons ............ 


Many have asked and messaged me about how I obtained the crouton shape ………. So I am posting this separately so that it does not get mixed with other’s on the line of  dishes. Just press any sharp mould / cutter (I used Cutlet Cutter) of any shape and size on the center of the bread (I used brown bread) and then gently remove it. That is all ……. Very simple ….. then deep fry it in oil to golden brown and use it as croutons.

Croutons are actually deep fried bread pieces added to any dish you desire. Some decades back it was a craze to serve tomato soap with floating croutons. It also used to be added to pulavs. Now a days due to health awareness people have foregone this oily dish, as it is really oily and not at all good for people with health issues. But to have somethings once or twice in a year is OK I guess. After all one should always have the satisfaction of good or tasty food and not keep missing and yearning for it. 

Croutons are simple to make. These were initially prepared with left over bread slices. My mom used to cut them into squares and deep fry them and put them in an air tight container to serve it with soups for me and my sisters. We simply used to love these floating croutons that used to get dunked with soup and swell to softness. How we miss those days. Childhood memories are sooooo nostalgic.

I have made this croutons using brown bread and cutting it to heart shape by pressing it tightly with a cutlet shaper / mould / cutter. Just keep the cutter at the center of the slice of bread and press down firmly. The cutter should have sharp edge. Remove the cut bread gently and deep fry in plenty of hot oil. Put the fried pieces in an absorbent paper for the excess oil to get drained off. Remove and put it in a air tight tin for future use. This remains good for 4-5 days. 

Serve the croutons either with soup of pulav. Just add them while serving and not before hand. Hot steaming soups with floating croutons were a craze with people in the year of 1970-80’s. All hotels used to serve tomato soups with a few square shaped croutons floating on top. Do try this once in a way. Children will simply love them.

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