Monday, February 27, 2017

Red Bean - Chow Chow Curry.

Tambadi Beeyeche Semebadnekai ~ Hinga uddaka ~ Narlele tela ghalnu randai (Hummana) / Red Bean ~ Chow Chow Curry Seasoned with hing / Asafoetida and coconut oil .... A typical Amchi / Konkani Saraswat Dish relished in every home .......

By now all those who are going through my blog frequently are sure to know what hinga uddaka / asafoetida hummana curry is as I have posted this curry with several combinations. This is just another combination of the same. As aware Hummana is a medium spicy curry seasoned with hing and coconut oil. This curry is prepared both with veg as well as non veg items. It is called Hummana / Hinga Udaaka Ghalnu Randai / Bendi by Saraswat community people. This is a simple curry that is medium spicy and is seasoned with Hing / Asafoetida and Coconut oil. The flavour of the hing and coconut oil is what makes the curry awesome. The taste of the curry is something that will make you try this out with various combinations. Hogplums, Bimbul, Karmbal can be added in for sourness instead of tamarind while grinding the masala. The best of all is potato in veggie, white kidney bean or rajma in pulses and prawns in non veg. So go ahead and prepare this simple but yummy flavoured curry and yes if you have access to the gummy textured hing which we soak in water and use the water only, do so. As that’s the best one which gives the immense flavour. In case its not available you can always use powdered form of hing / asafoetida. 

Soak 1 cup of red bean / tambdi bee in plenty of water overnight or for atleast 8 hours. Next day wash it in plenty of water, put it in pressure cooker with water that reaches 1 inch level above the beans and pressure cook to 2-3 whistles. Allow to cool. Once you are able to remove the lid, gently open and put the contents in a thick bottomed stainless steel vessel and keep it ready aside. These are also available fresh during season in which case you need not soak them.

Peel the skin and cut 1 large sized semebadanekai / chow chow into cubes. Wash and allow it to drain on a colander. Now add this to the cooked red bean in the vessel and mix well. Bring all to boil. If needed only add some water to help the vegetable get cooked. Do not add in excess water. Cook till the vegetable is cooked about 80%. Keep this ready.

For Masala : Grind to a fine paste one heaped cup of fresh grated coconut with 4-6 red kashmiri chilly and a small marble sized tamarind. Use water sparingly. 

Remove the ground paste and add it to the cooked beans and vegetable (Chow chow) in the vessel. Mix well and add water if necessary to bring it to a gravy consistency. Keep the thickness to medium, should not be too thick nor thin. Add salt to taste and bring all to a boil. Lower the heat and simmer for 5-10 minutes. 

Seasoning Method : Add 1 tblsp of thick prepared hing water / hinga uddak and 1 tblsp of coconut oil to the curry and remove from heat. Cover and keep aside for 10-15 minutes.
If using hing powder, heat 1 tblsp coconut oil (you can use any other edible oil), when hot, remove from heat immediately add a tsp of hing powder and pour it over the curry.

Cover and keep aside the curry for 10-15 minutes before serving for the flavour of hing to get seeped into the curry. The curry is now ready to be served. Serve hot with rice or roti. The curry tastes best with rice. You can also serve the same with simple bland jeera rice or vatana bhaat too. 

** Prepared Hing Water / Hinga Uddak : Hing water is prepared by putting a small marble sized gummy hing (available in South Indian Stores) into a glass bottle and adding about a small cup of boiled and cooled water to it. Within a few hours the hing will slowly melt and you will get a thick whitish liquid. This is hing water. You can keep this in the fridge and use sparingly as and when needed. We GSB / Saraswat Konkani people usually prepare the same and keep it in the fridge always and use the same for dal, patrado or any other humman etc 

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