Thursday, February 2, 2017

Clams Curry With Simple Carrot Pulav.

"Clams / Kubbe / Shell Fish Curry With Coconut And Cashew Milk Served With Simple Carrot / Gajar Pulav" ...... My very own concoction of kubbe curry that has really excelled in taste with the addition of Cashew Milk ... A very versatile milk that adds thickness and creamy texture to the curry ..... And the Carrot / Gajar Pulav compliments the curry just too well ..... here I have added grated carrots to the Pulav ..... Yumz ...

There are many types of clams found all over the world. Also known as Kubbo (in konkani) Cockles / Marwai (in Tulu a native language of many in South Kanana) / Teesriya (In Marathi). These are really healthy and delicious. But as it is a little bit tedious to eat people do not prefer them much. A few days back I got some large sized clams and my joy knew no bounds. So here is a dish prepared with certain changes of my own. 

This is my very own variation of curry with the addition of cashew milk that gives the curry a creamy texture with delicious aroma and taste. I served this with Carrot / Gajar pulav that I prepared in a simple and less spicier way so that it would go well with the spicy clams curry. Though the curry goes very with roti / naan as it has a thick and creamy consistency. But I served it with less spicy Gajar / Carrot Pulav. And both the dishes went on very well and complimented each other beautifully.


The Recipes of the dishes posted in the above pictures are given below, please go through the links for the recipe .... Thank you and yes do try this combination, it's awesome.

** For the Clams (Kubbe) Curry with coconut & Cashew Milk Recipe, Please follow the link given below ….. 

** For the Carrot / Gajar Pulav Recipe, Please follow the link given below ….. 

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