Sunday, February 12, 2017

Baked Spicy Potato Spirals.

"Baked Spicy Potato Spirals” also known as “Spiral Tornado Potato" ...... This is my first attempt at preparing these spirals ..... So yet to master them ..... I had always wanted to try these and as I had Brinjal / Vaingana Chutney ready it did serve well as a dip to the spirals ....... Yumz .....

Potato is something one always buys in bulk and stores them at home. Potatoes and onions are something that are available 24x7 in almost every home. They come in handy in daily cooking. In my home potato is a must as both hubby and me are potato lovers and enjoy this veggie very much. There are thousands and some more combinations of dishes that can be done with potatoes. And it keeps me always wondering at God’s invention of the same. 

Be it french fries, baked wafers, fried wafers, mashes, Bhaji, stuffed parathas or our very own sambar potato finds itself a place in it. Somehow the potatoes does manage to squeeze in .. in almost all the dishes. The king of vegetables and a proud member of every house, this versatile veggie is a favorite among young and old alike. I have yet to come across someone who detest potatoes or may be they just don’t know the immense methods of preparations. Baked or Fried Spiral Potatoes is a new dish that is finding center stage recently in parties and functions. 

You do get a equipment to prepare the same but I just used wooden kebab skewers and knife to prepare this awesome spiraled potatoes. This is an awesome snack to satisfy the craving of potato chips and you really don’t want to buy them from stores. Good one to enjoy on a relaxed Sunday with a TV serial or any movie you want to catch up on. Not a TV / Movie buff then it’s a sure hit with family and friends during a get together. You can prepare and keep them before hand and just microwave for a minute and serve hot later on too. I am a novice and the outcome of the spirals are a little bit thick. But with practice sure to get them correct. 

This one is easy to make snack, all you need are thinner oblong shaped potatoes as they serve the best spirals all way down. Wash the potatoes and scrub with a thick towel to remove all the dirt particles on the potatoes. You may peel off the skin if you wish. But I have retained them.

Using a wooden kebab skewer start pricking the potato, gently push it into the potato vertically all way till it comes out through the other side of the potato. Take care and see to it that you do this gently and rotate the potato a bit to push the skewer smoothly. It should not come out through the sides but through center on the other end. You can use stainless steel skewers too. 

Now with a razor sharp knife slice the potato while you rotate the potato as you slice to get spiral slices all way through the length of the potato. This is a little bit difficult to explain. So I suggest you watch a You Tube demo for the same. Just search for Spiral potato with knife and you will get it. It helps in learning the method with much more ease and will help you understand the technique better. Gently pull the potato from the edge side as you make the spirals. Note that you will get the spirals. Do this gently lest you break them, until you have an even gap between the slices forming the spiral. Repeat with some more potatoes. 

Brush the oven tray slightly with oil and place the spiraled potatoes with the skewer on the tray side by side. Leave some distance between each potato. Brush the potatoes slightly with oil and put it in the center rack of the Preheated oven. Do not forget to preheat the oven before placing the spiral potatoes. Bake at about 400 deg. F or about 180-200 deg.C for about 25 minutes. 

In a bowl add 2 tblsp of oil, 1 tsp of red chilly powder and salt to taste. Add 1 tblsp of water to this and mix well. Brush this mixture on the the potato spirals when they are almost done. And bake for another 5 minutes and immediately remove from the oven.

Done ….. Wow guess it not bad for first time. Isn’t it. You can squeeze some fresh lime juice if desired on it and serve it hot with some dip or tomato ketchup. I served this with Brinjal / Vaingana Chutney. 

Enjoy these Baked potato spirals which are also called spiral tornado potato with some dip or ketchup with family and friends. This if definitely going to be a huge success in your home at family gatherings. Also you are sure to get loads of praises for the effort put in not only in preparing them but also for serving them with love to all guests with some yummy dip to go along. It pairs perfectly with any meat or hamburger, sandwich, cutlets as an accompaniment. Go ahead and enjoy this spicy spiral potatoes and do not forget to drop in a mail to me.

** For the Birnjal (Vaingan) Chutney Recipe, Please follow the link given below … 

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