Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Chilled Cocoa Dates Milk Shake.

Chilled Cocoa Dates Milk Shake ....... Extremely Satisfying And Delicious Healthy Drink with the added benefits of Dates / Khajoor .... The mixture of creamy milk and sweet dates syrup along with Cocoa powder makes this drink really refreshing ….. Enjoy ….

This one is a very easy and delicious cool drink that can be prepared in a jiffy. A lovely drink that can be served to guest when they drop in unannounced. The ingredients are all available in the kitchen and there is no worries at all. All you need is that beautiful smile on your lips and with a loving heart serve it and you will have guests asking for more. The only hitch here is this drink though yummy is loaded with calories. So be careful on excess consumption if on weight watch, also please do not serve this to any diabetic or friends with health issues. Good for growing up children when they come back after playing a lot. 

In a mixer blender add in 2 cups of thick full fat milk (You can use skimmed milk too, but the texture will be a little bit thinner) with 1 tblsp of dates / khajoor syrup, 2 tblsp of sugar and 2 heaped tblsp on of cocoa powder. Blend well till smooth. Check the sweetness of the shake. If needed add in another tsp of sugar and blend well. Lastly add in 1 tblsp of Vanilla Ice Cream and 2-3 ice cubes and whip all together well. Remove and keep aside. 

To serve : Add in 1 tsp of dates syrup into tall glasses and swirl the glass all round to coat the glass with the syrup. Keep this aside for a minute or two for the excess syrup to settle down at the bottom of the glass. Now slowly pour in the prepared cocoa dates milk shake into the glass and serve chilled. Tastes really yum.

** Note : I have used store bought Dates syrup while preparing the shake. If its not available to you. Just soak some seedless dates in warm water for 20 minutes and then grind to a smooth paste with 1 tsp of sugar and strain it through a sieve. Add this to the shake in place of dates syrup.

** In case you do not have Vanilla Ice Cream at home do not worry, just add in a tsp of vanilla essence and 1 tsp of milk cream at the final stage while whipping. 

** If you do not want to add full fat milk you can add skimmed milk and also prepare the same. But the texture of the shake will be thinner and lighter.

** I do not recommend replacing sugar with artificial sweeteners as I have never used them and hesitant about the same. You may add only if you are giving the signal / prescribed by a qualified Doctor. 

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