Sunday, January 8, 2017

Chickoo Banana Chocolate Milk Shake.

“Chickoo Banana Chocolate Milk Shake” ……. Yet another delicious milkshake with simple ingredients …… Do try this yummy drink to cheer up from mid-morning cravings …. Quite tummy filling one …..

It’s been a while since I posted any cool drinks to satisfy not only those taste buds but the thirst too. This is a very simple milk shake that keep your tummy filled for a long time. A lovely and tasty drink that will be loved by children and elders alike after all who does not like chocolate flavour. Serve this cold and not chilled. Tastes yummy. 

Wash and cut about 3-4 large sized chickoo's (Sapota) into two halves lengthwise. Remove the seeds and the center white pith. Discard and cut the chickoo into medium sized pieces. You may peel off the skin if you like but I do not as there are more vitamins in the skin part. Peel off the skin and chop into medium sized pieces one large banana. 

Put the banana + Chickoo and one glass of chilled thick full fat milk (You may use skinned milk if desired) along with ½ cup of chocolate topping syrup (Store bought) into a mixer blender and prepare a smooth thick paste. Now add in another cup of cold skimmed milk, 1 tsp Vanilla essence (Optional), 3-4 ice cubes (Crushed) and blend well till you get a thick consistency milk shake. 

Chickoo Banana Chocolate Milk shake is ready. Pour into serving glasses and serve them cold immediately. This milk shake has to be very cold but need not be chilled or topped with ice cubes. Somehow this drink taste best without the addition of them and just cold. You can enjoy this cold drink during any time of the year. Even during winter. Just leave out the ice cubes if the weather is too cold in your vicinity.

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