Friday, December 16, 2016

Gherkins Masala Dry Curry.

Amchi Dish ........ Tendle ~ Piyava Masolu Ghalnu Kismuri / Gherkins (Tondli / Ivy Gourd) ~ Onion Masala Dry curry ..... goes well with Dalitoy ~ Sheetha (Rice) or Chapati / Roti ......... Totally Yummy Dish ....... 

Kismuri is a dry dish almost similar to salad. But we GSB Saraswat Konkani’s Prepare the same with coarsely ground masala too. A dry side dish which is enjoyed along with other dishes as accompaniment. You can prepare the same with Karathe (Karela / Bitter gourd), Suran (Yam), Pagila (spine gourd) and many more veggies. But karathe, suran and tendle are the most famous of all. This dish is simply awesome in taste and can be relished as side dish as it’s dry in texture. Goes very well with Dalitoy and Rice or Roti. 

I have relished this with Potato Poori too. Kismuri are prepared in two types one with masala and the other just mixing up ingredients and spices. Both taste awesome. The Tendle / Ivy gourd / gherkins are usually deep fried. I have over the years learned the Microwave technique and its comes handy to me while preparing such dishes and I can relish them guilt free as I add in only a tablespoon or so oil while microwaving.

Wash, slice off the both the edges of about 400 gms of Tendle / Ivy gourds / gherkins and slice them into rings. Apply a tsp of salt all over and mix well and keep it aside for 15 - 20 minutes. 

Squeeze / drain out the extra water from the tendle, apply 1 tblsp of oil and mix it all over and put them in a microwave flat dish in layer. Microwave on high for 5 mins. Mix well and repeat the process till the tendle / gherkins turns brownish. It may take about 25 mins depending upon the machine and each machine differs in performance. Once done keep this ready aside. If not using microwave technique add in half cup of oil in a kadai and fry the tendle till done. Remove and keep aside. The traditional method is of deep frying however, I always follow microwave technique as it saves on oil and is that much healthier. 

For grinding masala : Add in 1 heaped cup of freshly grated coconut with 2 tblsp of coriander powder or 1 tblsp of whole coriander seeds, 2 tblsp of kashmiri chilly powder or 6-8 whole kashmiri / kumta red chillies and a small marble sized tamarind with very little water. 

The masala should be ground with very little water and should be dry in texture. So just keep adding little by little while grinding so that you do not end up adding more of water. If the masala becomes thin the whole dish will not turn up the way it is done. So the important step of all in this dish is the consistency of the masala. When done remove and keep this aside. 

In a large thick bottomed kadai heat 2 tblsp of oil, when hot add in a tsp of mustard seeds when they begin to splutter add a few curry leaves and fry for few seconds. Now add 2 large onion cut to medium sized pieces. Mix well and keep stirring on medium heat till the onion turn slightly brownish in colour. 

Now add in the ground masala, salt to taste and mix well. Be careful when you add in the salt as the tendles already have salt added to them. Fry the masala well till its evenly browned (Shirshiravche – Konkani word). If you find the masala sticking to the bottom of kadai or getting burnt sprinkle some water and mix well. 

Lastly add in the fried tendle and mix well. Cover with a tight lid and cook on low heat for 5 mins stirring in between. Tendle / Ivy gourd / Gherkins kismuri is Done. Serve hot with Dalitoy and Rice as an accompaniment. Goes well with roti too. 

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