Sunday, December 11, 2016

Batate (Potato) Usli With Methi leaves And Poori.

Batate Usli (Potato Bhaji) With Fresh Green Peas ~ Fresh Methi Leaves and Cashew Nuts ..... Mumbaikar's Favourite ....... A Seasonal Delicacy I learned from neighbours when I settled in Mumbai .... But gave it our very own Amchi Tempering Twist ..... Totally Awesome ..... Served With Poori .....

The best combination of all time is none other than Poori with Potato Bhaji. I don’t think anyone can resist this deadly combination. From childhood, this has been one of my favourite dishes. Methi / Fenugreek leaves are something that is abundantly available in Mumbai. During my growing years we hardly brought this home as in Manglore my birthplace, 25 yrs back they were not available that freely. Now however the days have changed and my relatives tell me it’s available freely. 

Residing in Mumbai is really fun with fast changing times. I found people to be more active here and found out how much they put in effort in each and everything that they do. Despite heavy schedules, they make it a point to always cook and carry tiffin along with them to work.

Over the years, this city has taught me a lot. One of them is the extensive use of methi leaves during winter. It is considered to be very good for health during the season and people tirelessly separate the leaves for cooking from large bunches of the same. I have seen them not wasting their time even while travelling to and fro on train from work. They sit and do small veggie cutting works like these even then. 

Today however, I have prepared this Batate / Potato bhaji with the addition of methi leaves another favourite combination of Mumbaikars. So go ahead and enjoy them with well puffed pooris. Tastes great when served hot during winter. 

** For the Batate (Potato) Usli with methi leaves Recipe, Please follow the link given below … 

** For the Poori Recipe, Please follow the link given below ….. 

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